Partners like you are making meaningful gospel conversations with Jewish people possible! For example, our Shabbat dinners – from Tel Aviv to London, to New York and beyond – create a warm, welcoming, and very Jewish way to explore the message of Jesus. Here’s a snapshot of what’s been happening in our San Francisco branch:

Talia grew up with a Catholic mother and a Jewish father. She met one of our San Francisco staff at a local synagogue. After several months of attending our Shabbat dinners and getting to know the community, she now reads her Bible every week and has visited a local church. Pray that Talia will commit her life to Jesus and be transformed by His love!

altThe branch recently began alternating weeks of Shabbat dinners with Shabbat brunches. It opens up more family-friendly experiences, especially for people whose kids need to be tucked in fairly early. Plus, the kids add to the joy and deepen the sense of community.

One of our staff brought her Jewish friend Naomi to our Shabbat brunch on Sukkot. Naomi listened intently to the testimonies of a believing couple who had driven more than an hour to enjoy Shabbat with us. Please pray that one day Naomi will be able to share her own testimony with seekers over a Shabbat brunch or dinner.