Svetlana Adelson reports from Israel,

“For three months I met weekly with Nastya to pray and study the Bible. She was a new believer in Jesus, not Jewish, but married to a Jewish man, Paul. Paul had been living in Israel for more than 10 years and was very far from believing in God! Nastya and I prayed faithfully for God to reveal Himself to Paul. One time we met as families, and I got to know Paul a little and shared my personal testimony with him.

“I was so happy when Paul and Nastya agreed to come to the Messianic congregation we attend. After the service, we all gathered in our home and shared more about the love of God and salvation. Paul was ready to receive Yeshua into his heart, so I offered to pray with him and he accepted. Praise God that he and his wife plan to continue attending the congregation on a regular basis to be with other believers and study the Word of God in depth."