A different kind of New Year celebration

A different kind of New Year celebration

From Washington, DC, Lynn McCoy reports, “Maybe you know that the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, is in the fall.  This past September we had our second Rosh Hashanah ‘seder’ which my husband Wayman and I hosted at our home. I put ‘seder’ in quotes because, as you may know, the seder is most commonly associated with Passover. Seder means ‘order’ and usually refers to a celebratory holiday dinner with traditional foods to help tell a story. Rosh Hashanah seders are less common than Passover seders, but they also include a plate that holds traditional foods.

“Among the 14 of us around the dinner table were five Jewish guests who don’t yet know Jesus and had an opportunity to hear the gospel message in a very Jewish way. All five are friends we’ve met through different activities in the Jewish community, including a Hebrew class. Our Hebrew teacher sees how important our faith in Yeshua is to us, and how we love the Hebrew language. We hope next year she will join us! Please pray that God will bless these and other opportunities we have to share about Jesus in the context of hospitality and celebration.”

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