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Moscow: Photo ©Jews for Jesus/Moscow

In 2014 we had witnessing campaigns in Budapest, Berlin, Moscow and Rio. Using literature as our main tool* to invite people to consider the gospel, these were traditional campaigns. (For our New York Summer Outreach, see “…and some things new”).

During these four campaigns, we handed out more than 810,000 gospel pamphlets and postcards. 736 Jewish seekers and 1,233 Gentile seekers gave us their contact information to hear more about Jesus. And 145 prayed to receive Jesus, 30 of whom were Jewish.

*Most of our traditional campaigns also include music outreaches, surveys, etc.

Photo ©Jews for Jesus/Geisla Aguiar

More street evangelism

Of course campaigns are not the only times that we have sorties (tract-passing expeditions). Sorties are part of our regular branch ministry; we especially love the challenge of a quick turnaround when special events provide opportunities to greet crowds with the gospel, as with the Super Bowl postcard in New York City, and the World Series “series” of broadsides in San Francisco.

Branch ministry

Oded and Bimini: ©Jews for Jesus

2014 saw us open a new branch in Israel as missionaries Oded and Bimini Cohen moved to the Negev region. They are busy following up with the many seekers and new believers from our last Behold Your God Israel campaign. The Cohens minister through phone calls and personal visits to have Bible studies with new and near believers. Please join us in praising God for this fruitful ministry and also pray for His continued protection!


Photo ©Jews for Jesus/Jake Blackburn

This was our eighth year of Massah, the journey that provides evangelistic and discipleship opportunities for college-aged Jewish believers in Jesus. In the last few years the program has expanded to include two groups, one American and the other Israeli. Each team ministers first in Tel Aviv, then they move on to meet trekkers in India. This year the combined Massah groups had:

  • 1,082 interactions  (brief exchanges in which team members mention that they are Jewish believers in Jesus)
  • 793 conversations  (this is the number of people who were willing to speak about spiritual issues after hearing the team member is a believer in Jesus)
  • 49 visits (prolonged conversations of 20 minutes or more in which the team member shares something from the Scriptures)

and gave away:

  • 32 New Testaments 
  • 6 Death of a Guru booklets (the story of how a man descended from a long line of Brahmin priests and gurus came to faith in Jesus)
  • 12 Yeshua, the Jewish way to Say Jesus (our book that shows how Jesus fulfilled Messianic prophecy)

The teams also did some new things while in Israel (see “…and some things new!”)

Presenting Jesus through Jewish holy days

Our new Christ in the Sabbath book by Rich Robinson is very much in keeping with the series Moody has published (Christ in the Passover, Christ in the Feast of Tabernacles and Christ in the Feast of Pentecost).


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