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Jews for Jesus NYC Summer Outreach

This year we connected with people over Brews for Jesus (free iced coffee), social media, movie nights, service projects and much more. Many New Yorkers who tend to ignore the pamphlets they’ve become so accustomed to seeing actually stopped to talk!

Chews for Jesus

Our executive director was so inspired by the above-mentioned Brews for Jesus that we now have a healthy snack to offer people in Jesus’ name. Each wrapper has the text from John 14:6 prominently displayed, with an invitation to contact us through phone, email, letter or via our website. “Chews for Jesus” are also for sale by the case for other believers who might like to hand them out.

New Massah methods

Both teams came up with fresh new ideas that we hadn’t tried before.
The American team designed a giant puzzle and called it "Peace by Piece."  Team members invited people on the street to post their hopes for peace on one of the puzzle pieces. The Israeli team created a “Blessed Treat” outreach, baking fortune cookie-style treats, but inserting Scriptures. Both outreaches were very successful in starting meaningful conversations about the Lord.

Moishe Rosen Center (Israel)

We’ve had some super creative outreaches, including an “India Night”, to which we invited contacts we met on Massah. We also had an art show that brought in several unbelieving Israeli graffiti artists and their friends. All who enter the Moishe Rosen Center (MRC) find out who we are and what we believe, either through a brochure or a chat with a staff member, intern or volunteer.

Holiday outreaches

In addition to inviting people to our holiday events, we’ve done some smaller and more personal holiday outreaches. For example, this year we did some new things for Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles. In Northern California, we went to three college campuses, set up small booths and invited students to “take the gratitude challenge.” It was a fun and fresh way to engage with people.  

Internet Evangelism


Early last year we launched our interactive “How to Know God” website to help people of all backgrounds explore the gospel at their own pace. Please check out this website and share it with others if you haven’t already!

Spoken word video

Some call it spoken word, some call it slam poetry, but for the first time, our staff got together to write, perform and produce “Truth in Question,” a gospel presentation like none we’ve ever done.

The Jews for Jesus App

It features: Interactive map with our branch locations/contact information, helps for you as you witness, a schedule of our events, a convenient way to donate and more! Download it here.


Cover designed by Rachel Freidlander

We’ve been reaching out through Jewish gospel music before Jews for Jesus was even officially an organization. But “Painting Deserts” is under “and some things new” because this “HeartCities” project is just that. The lead singer/songwriter, Giselle Le’Aupepe, is an Aussie who serves with our Brooklyn branch. Her fresh sound resonates with a new generation of Jews for Jesus as well as many of the “old guard.” 
Hear a sample from Painting Deserts below and preorder your copy today!



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