Long time friend Greg Schneider is a Jewish believer in Jesus and a professional photographer who has captured some of our Jews for Jesus outreaches on film (or the digital equivalent thereof).

Greg sometimes passes along his copies of ISSUES to unbelieving friends. He had been witnessing to his friend Ben* for a while.  One day, Greg visited Ben in the hospital (he was recovering from hip replacement surgery) and left him with a copy of ISSUES to read. 

Greg left the hospital but returned half an hour later to find Ben in tears. The story of a Jewish believer from Bavaria had deeply moved him, and Ben, finally convinced of the Messiahship of Jesus, had prayed to receive Him! Greg visited with him a while longer, and before leaving, had the joy of praying with his friend, thanking God for revealing Himself to Ben.

Please pray for Ben, that the gospel seed will take hold and grow strong in his heart – and that Ben’s story will one day be the means for other Jewish people to find the Messiah, Jesus!

Whether or not you are Jewish, you can access ISSUES online. It is free and we would love for you to pass along any edition that you think might touch a friend of yours who needs Jesus. You can share ISSUES articles electronically or by printing the pdf versions we offer at the website. You can also refer a Jewish friend to us, and we will send a sample copy of ISSUES along with a letter of witness and an invitation to receive a free subscription.

ISSUES is our bi-monthly publication designed for Jewish seekers, but we also send our printed editions to Jewish believers in Jesus to share with their family and friends. Started by Susan Perlman (editor-in-chief) back in 1976, ISSUES is currently edited by Matt Sieger.

* not his real name