January 2014 Newsletter (5774:5)

Three Jewish Bubbies
December 18, 2013

You saw the abbreviated version in Bits from the Branches but there’s much more to this poignant story of three Jewish grandmas and the gospel.

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Can We Forgive?  Can We be Forgiven?
Topics: forgiveness
Author: Avi Snyder

Throughout Europe, January 27 has become a solemn day to mark the liberation of Auschwitz, one of the most notorious Nazi death camps. When we remember the crimes against my people and against all humanity that were committed in that place, two haunting questions come to mind. "Can we forgive? Can we be forgiven?"

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Hello, Israel
Author: Ruth Rosen

The first United Nations event ever to be held in Israel was in November 2006. Israel hosted a four-day conference on a topic that focused on agriculture and particularly innovative practices to restore productivity to land that has been rendered unproductive and...

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My Favorite God Moments

I praise God for the chance to serve with Jews for Jesus. I am a missionary to the Jewish people in Chicago, but my favorite part of the work is going on "campaigns," especially in New York City and Israel. For a few years I led one of my favorite Jews for Jesus programs, "Halutzim," a two-week trip for teens that gives them a taste of the New York Summer Witnessing Campaign. Here’s why it is one of my favorite programs:

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So What? Paul’s perspective isn’t easy, but it’s good
Author: Ruth Rosen

David’s article talks about what we can and can’t know about the future – and one of the things we can know is that we will face suffering and death. Yet his article is hopeful because it says that in Jesus, we can know that God’s promises are...

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What Will Happen In The New Year?

In his newest book, Great By Choice author Jim Collins writes, "Life is uncertain, the future unknown. This is neither good nor bad. It just is, like gravity. Yet the task remains: how to master our fate, even so."


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Some people have ISSUES

Long time friend Greg Schneider is a Jewish believer in Jesus and a professional photographer who has captured some of our Jews for Jesus outreaches on film (or the digital equivalent thereof). Greg sometimes passes along his copies of ISSUES to unbelieving friends....

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Next generation: praise and prayer request

We love getting your notes and emails letting us know that you pray through our prayer prompters every month. What a blessing! For the past few years, we have asked prayer for the next generation of Jews for Jesus … every single month. It’s about time we tell you how God has been answering your prayers!

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