Budapest, Hungary

From Kata Tar: “‘If my mother knew that I was talking to you, she would kill me,’ Ruven said. Ruven is a young Jewish man born in southern Jerusalem of Hungarian Jewish parents. Now he is living in Budapest.

“Despite his strong statement, it was Ruven who initiated the conversation when he saw us crossing the square in front of the Dohány synagogue. He told us about his visit to a Messianic synagogue in New York and we had a good conversation. I gave Ruven some literature in Hebrew—a gospel tract and a copy of our Questions and Answers booklet.

“A few days later I ran into Ruven again. He said, ‘I have read the leaflet; now I am ready to read the book.’ He is seriously considering Jesus. Please pray for Ruven.”

New York

From Samuel Rood: “A few weeks ago a group of us missionaries-in-training went to Starbucks before going to Brooklyn College for a sortie. I hadn’t even sat down before my friends began a conversation with two Israelis sitting next to us. I was so excited that I forgot my coffee! We told them about Yeshua and how He fulfilled the Hebrew Bible by dying as a sacrifice for our sins. I gave one woman, Tamar, a Hebrew Gospel of Matthew, and she seemed really excited to read it. Even though she said she wasn’t interested in ‘converting,’ I know that God had us meet for a reason. Please pray that He will reveal Himself to her.

“Afterwards, we went to the college and had several good conversations. I spoke with Saul, who grew up in the Lubavitch community (a sect of Hasidism) but is now agnostic. Since then we have been emailing back and forth. Pray that God moves Saul to consider Him.


From Laura Barron: “A young Jewish woman named Karlee came to faith through our ministry a year and half ago, and I’ve been meeting with her for discipleship. Recently I was at her baptism, and saw how many in the congregation were touched through her story. Please remember her in your prayers as she finishes her doctorate in 2013 and ministers now through a foundation she has started called Alliance Against Modern Slavery. The Lord has helped her to grow strong and is using her in Canada and in many countries around the world to accomplish His work.

“Also pray for Erin, a Jewish woman I’ve been visiting. She is very open to the gospel and has gobbled up all the literature I’ve given her. She’s facing some serious personal challenges that have her living back with her parents. Many in her family are religious and would try to stop her from seeking answers in Jesus. I need wisdom as I continue to minister to her.”

Essen, Germany

From Dina Markova: “After a sortie I sat on a bench to look for my notebook, putting the remaining broadsides beside me. A woman sat next to me and began looking at the broadsides. I offered her one, and after she read it, I asked her who she thought Jesus was. Svetlana said that her father is Jewish, and she thought it was possible that Jesus is Messiah. We exchanged phone numbers in order to talk more about Jesus. Please pray for Svetlana and her father, Victor, to be open to the gospel.”

From Misha Vayshengolts: “I was handing out tracts to people as they were entering a Jewish event. It was a creative evening for Igor Guberman, a 76-year-old Jewish poet and a former dissident who now lives in Jerusalem. Before the sortie, I had prayed, ‘Lord, please give me an opportunity to give Igor Guberman a broadside.’

“Meanwhile, I asked a Jewish man I encountered on the street, ‘What do you think, does a Jewish person need to believe in Jesus?’ He answered, ‘Misha said that it is so.’ I was very surprised, ‘Who is that Misha?’ He answered, ‘I don’t know.’ I said, ‘I’m Misha from Jews for Jesus. Who is the Misha that told you that you need to believe in Jesus?’ He answered, ‘You are the one who told me. I called you on the phone, and you said so!’

“After that interesting exchange, an SUV pulled over really close to me. It was Mr. Guberman in the passenger side. I offered him a broadside, but he refused. But I asked him again to take and read it, and he agreed!”