A soft-spoken woman named Josie called our office. Her tone, soft as it was, practically screamed ‘SINCERE AND OPEN.’ Josie told me what led her to look into Jesus.

Her mother was Jewish and married a nominal Catholic. Josie was raised Jewish, but because of her parents’ marriage, she always had a sense of spiritual openness. She eventually moved to Borough Park and lived among the Ultra-Orthodox community. One night she had a dream, and in that dream she heard a voice telling her to pray in the name of Jesus. She awoke startled and disturbed, yet the experience left her with what she described as an “overwhelming compulsion” to learn more about Jesus.

Weeks passed and while Josie could not forget the dream, she did not act upon it. And then one day, as she was walking in her neighborhood, someone handed her a DVD. It was a multi-lingual version of the Jesus film. Josie knew this was no coincidence. She went home and watched the film—four times, in all four languages! The film further fueled Josie’s desire to know more about this special Person.

Josie and I spoke for an hour, and I can’t remember ever speaking to a Jewish person who was as eager as she was to learn about Jesus. She voiced various objections and concerns, but it was clear that she was drawn to Him. After our conversation Josie agreed to speak with me the following week. Again we spoke for an hour, as I fielded her questions and thoughts about Jesus, and how He could be our Messiah.

I hung up the phone and was preparing to send her a package of materials, including a New Testament—Messianic Prophecy edition, when my phone rang. It was Alise, who works with the Jesus Film Project, wondering if anyone from our office had followed up with a woman named…Josie. Imagine my surprise! “As a matter of fact I was just preparing a package to send her,” I replied.

I told Alise how I had spoken with Josie twice now, and relayed how open she was to the gospel. What Josie hadn’t told me was that after she watched the Jesus Film, she called the number on the DVD and spoke to Alise. Josie had told her, “This is a very hard call for me. Oy vey, I want to know more about Jesus. Can you connect me with Jews for Jesus?”

Alise had called our office in Manhattan and given Josie’s name and number to Chris, who was a temp worker in our office. Chris in turn passed the information on to one of our missionaries, Shoshannah, who tried calling but didn’t get through. Shoshannah left a voice message. Unbeknown to her, Giselle, one of our new missionary trainees, was also following up Chris’ message and asking Josie to call us back. God had given Josie plenty of encouragement to call us!

Alise and I were both blown away at how the Lord had orchestrated all these events and people in the life of one Jewish woman in order to help her on a search for truth. Please pray for Josie, that God will give her the courage she needs for the dream that He gave her to become reality—that she will not only pray in the name of Jesus, but receive eternal life through Him.