The New Year is a special time to greet people with the gospel, and to bring generations together to begin the year thinking about the spiritual needs of others. Many of you will receive this newsletter before January first, so we hope you’ll pray for these outreaches. And if your newsletter comes on or after January 1, please pray for God’s blessing on the seed that was sown.

Reports from a couple of last year’s New Year’s events will help you know how to pray:

From Stan Meyer in Los Angeles:

“Cyril Gordon coordinated and led our outreach for the Tournament of Roses Parade and Rose Bowl game January 1-2. Part of the outreach was rained out, but with 35 volunteers and 6 staff we distributed 38,175 tracts and prayed with one person, a marine recruiter, to receive the Lord.

“Twenty teens and college students joined us on Saturday morning and so did friends from a local Korean Church, Tabernacle of David. We printed up our own special broadsides for the parade and for the Rose Bowl game. We handed out ALL the football game tracts!

“I met a Jewish couple that was visiting from Tucson, Arizona. They had already been discussing Jesus as possibly being the Messiah. I gave them some more in-depth literature; they seemed interested in the literature and promised to read it.

“As one couple passed by, the girlfriend, who was Jewish said, ‘No way.’ Her boyfriend said, ‘You need to read this and make sure.’ And he took a broadside for her.

“Tuvya Zaretsky (who wrote the broadside we were handing out) was glad when a man approached and asked him for ‘the new Jews for Jesus pamphlet.’ He explained he’s been attending the parade for twelve years and always looks forward to getting one of our new tracts!”

Two of our associate (college) students, Melissa Weinisch and Isaac Brickner, led the teens that Stan referred to, and Melissa reports, “It was a very rockin’ SoCal New Year’s. This was the third year in a row for the West Coast Camp Gilgal high school community to gather together over New Year’s weekend. It was great to spend time growing together and working as a community to bring the gospel to Southern California. This year we had the privilege of studying Philippians, challenging the students to consider what it means to be a servant. The focal point of this event is when the students join the Los Angeles branch at the Rose Parade in Pasadena, where they pass out tracts to the thousands of parade attendees. The lessons in Philippians served as the perfect rally to encourage us in our call as believers to serve God! Our team was made up of seventeen high school students, five college student leaders, and three parent volunteers from our Camp Gilgal family. Half of the students were taking part in a sortie (tract-passing expedition) for the first time. The others had volunteered last year and came back for more. In two hours, the group handed out over 6,100 broadsides. All of the students were encouraged and optimistic about their experience, and were excited to serve the Lord in that way.”

From Melissa Moskowitz in New York:

“Dan Tasman and I led this year’s ‘New Year’s in New York,’ a community building/evangelistic event for young adults. People flew in for the event from as far away as California, Pittsburgh, Chicago and Phoenix! We gathered together on Tuesday evening, December 28 to discuss evangelism as well as our hopes and our goals to be used by God to reach unsaved Jewish people. Wednesday and Thursday we enjoyed meals that we cooked together, times of worship and Bible study and ‘field trips’ to the Tenement Museum and a local art gallery that featured illuminated paintings done on the four Gospels. We also had a training session for those who had not been on a sortie before.

“Friday, New Year’s Eve day, we went on two sorties and handed out
7,000 tracts. This year’s program built a sense of community as well as enthusiasm to reach out to those who still need to hear the gospel.”