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FYY (For Your Yiddishkeit*)

If a Jewish person should say to you, “Nu?” she isn’t asking how long you’ve had your jacket.

“Nu” is an amazing little Jewish word that can mean a great many things, 19 in fact, according to Leo Rosten in his book The Joys of Yiddish.

Nu, which rhymes with true, is most often put in the form of a question. Think of it as the Jewish way to say, “Well?” or “So?”

If someone pauses in the midst of an interesting story just when it’s getting good, to encourage them to keep going, you can say, “Nu?”

Or if it’s been a while since you’ve seen your Jewish friend, all you have to ask is, “Nu?” and it’s understood you want to know what’s up since you last chatted.

And, if you are waiting for a response regarding a sensitive subject and you don’t want to be too confrontational, this word also comes in handy: “Okay, so you say I’ve answered all your questions about Jesus…nu?” (This one is best with a slight shrug of the shoulders and you can raise your eyebrows a bit.)

Nu is a great word, and if you have Jewish friends you can surprise and delight them by dropping it now and then in conversation.

Prayer Prompters

Please pray for:

  • renewal of the hearts and minds throughout Jews for Jesus staff and families as we anticipate what He has for us in 2012
  • fruit from the gospel seed sown at our New Year’s outreaches, and a good time of ministry and fellowship for the youth who are joining us
  • God’s blessing on our associate students and in general for the next generation of Jews for Jesus who are developing an understanding for God’s will for their lives
  • CADET as they grow together in the Lord and in using His gifts to make Jesus known
  • God’s blessing on final stages of Moishe Rosen’s biography and that God will use this book to glorify Himself
  • salvation for Henry in London, Anna in Essen and Leonid and his father, somewhere in Israel


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