January 2012 Newsletter (5772:5)

Something New …
January 1, 2012

Jews for Jesus’ new Creative Arts Discipleship and Evangelism Training program (CADET) is an intensive eight-month program for developing a community of Jewish believing artists committed to a lifestyle of biblical discipleship and Messianic witness. This unique opportunity is designed to help a select group of people (Jewish believing artists aged 18-28) deepen their relationships […]

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Announcements and Prayer Request

FYY (For Your Yiddishkeit*) *Jewishness If a Jewish person should say to you, “Nu?” she isn’t asking how long you’ve had your jacket. “Nu” is an amazing little Jewish word that can mean a great many things, 19 in fact, according to Leo Rosten in his book The Joys of Yiddish. Nu, which rhymes with […]

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Remember to Renew

The new year is a milestone to mark the passing of time, to hope for the future and resolve to make changes. We also tend to think of the past—what was—as well as what might have been. For some, the new year may lead us to long for days gone by. Do you remember your […]

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Bits from the Branches

London Ziggy Rogoff reports: “I have been meeting with Henry, age 91, for the last six months. His main objection to faith is the issue of suffering. Recently he showed me a school photo of Hugo Gryn’s brother and his class, taken before World War II. (Hugo Gryn was a Reform rabbi who came from […]

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Sneak Preview …
Author: Ruth Rosen

from the soon-to-be-published biography of Moishe Rosen Over the hum of an old air conditioner and the muted yet audible din of street traffic and sirens, a loud voice burst from the other side of a closed office door. The words were muffled, but the tone was unmistakable. Raising a worried eyebrow, Susan Perlman winced […]

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Introducing Associate Staff

We have a relatively new category of staff for students who have had significant involvement in our ministry (through witnessing campaigns, internships, or leadership roles in our Camp Gilgal program) and are tracking to serve with us full time when they graduate. Last year we took several new staff under this category; we hope to […]

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January Fun in the Son

The New Year is a special time to greet people with the gospel, and to bring generations together to begin the year thinking about the spiritual needs of others. Many of you will receive this newsletter before January first, so we hope you’ll pray for these outreaches. And if your newsletter comes on or after […]

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