Morgan reported, “It was our usual Monday night calling time, but this week’s list, unlike previous weeks, was Jewish people who don’t yet believe. We trainees were a little on edge since we were told about how people might respond. After many wrong numbers and voicemail messages, I finally reached a woman who was willing to speak with me. In fact, she was very curious about who we are and what we represent. I scheduled a time to speak with her later that night so I could keep on going through my phoning list. When I called her later that night, not only was she incredibly open, but she was very friendly and intrigued, and said she’d be willing to get together for a visit and discuss the Bible another time. Please pray for Elizabeth and for her salvation; she has some belief in Jesus but also reads the Kabbalah and is clearly searching for truth.”

Also from Morgan, “We were at Hunter College for a noontime sortie (tract-passing expedition). I was handing out one of my favorite broadsides, “Am I a Facebook Addict?” and as usual was enjoying all the fun reactions to this tract. As I was laughing at a college student who called out, Heck yeah, I’m a Facebook addict,’ a man, probably in his 60s, approached me and said, You wouldn’t think it, but I’m a Facebook addict myself; my students are usually surprised.’ We got into a conversation and I found out that he is Jewish and is one of the professors at Hunter College. He described himself as a Deist, but I could tell that he wasn’t quite sure what he believed and knows that there’s much more out there. He was open enough to give his contact information; please pray for Professor S. as one of the NY missionaries reaches out to him.”

Vova reported, “I was phoning to follow up on Jewish people who we had not been in contact with recently. I was getting frustrated because some of the phone numbers were not in service anymore, and often I only reached an answering machine or someone who would quickly hang up on me. But God knew how to encourage me.

“Eventually, I reached a Mr. Cohen, a middle-aged Israeli who currently lives in New York. I was very excited to be able to speak Hebrew and share with him my belief in Jesus. He agreed to get together to talk more about Yeshua (Hebrew for Jesus). Then Jeremiah asked if I could take over a call he was having with a Russian-speaking guy, since the two of them were unable to communicate. So I got to speak with Yakov, who was also willing to meet with us and learn more about Iisus (Russian for Jesus). So I told him that I would get in touch with him very soon in a week or two.

By the end of the calling time, I’d had several good conversations and was feeling blessed and encouraged by God!”

Also from Vova, “Jeremiah and I were walking down the street engaged in casual conversation when a man approached us, asking if we wanted to buy one of his CDs. We were not interested, but since the man had stopped to talk, I asked him who he thought Jesus was. I was glad to find out that Joel already knew Jesus, and Jeremiah and I continued to walk on. But then Joel called after us, “You guys are Jews for Jesus and they train you well, but you must listen to the Holy Spirit!” This came as a shock, since neither of us was wearing a Jews for Jesus T-shirt at the time. I didn’t know how Joel recognized us—maybe he met us before during a sortie, or maybe he just guessed because I asked him about Jesus and apparently not many people besides us ask such a question on the streets. Whatever the case, I know for sure for that I sometimes get so busy trying to serve God that I need the reminder to be listening for His Spirit. I think God used that random person to remind me to keep my focus on Him.”