January 2010 Newsletter (5770:5)

Meet our Missionary Trainees!
January 1, 2010

Vladimir (Vova) Mitnitsky was born in the Ukraine. His father is Jewish and his mother Gentile. Vova was fifteen when he and his teenage sister made aliyah to Israel without their parents. Although Vova knew about Jesus, he didn’t believe in Him as the promised Messiah. For three years he studied in Yeshiva (religious high school), […]

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Moishe is continuing to muse on the quality of “Christ-likeness”…
Author: Moishe Rosen

 “Oh, to be like Him,” those of my generation sing in the hymn, and our most earnest prayer is that we find within ourselves that quality of Christ-likeness. But I ask myself, how often do we wonder what it is that makes a person to be like Christ? When we think of being like Christ, […]

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Bits from the Trainees

Morgan reported, “It was our usual Monday night calling time, but this week’s list, unlike previous weeks, was Jewish people who don’t yet believe. We trainees were a little on edge since we were told about how people might respond. After many wrong numbers and voicemail messages, I finally reached a woman who was willing […]

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Bits from the Branches

Brooklyn Sam is a 23-year-old Hasid who called us a few months ago. He met with Jhan Moskowitz once, then spoke with Karol Joseph on the phone several weeks later. Their conversation went something like this:   Sam:  ”I understand you have a program for helping Hasids leave the community.” Karol:  ”Well, not exactly. Let […]

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Marking Time for a Happy New Year
December 1, 2009

In His infinite wisdom, the eternal God marked time and counted the days as He created this world. He is not bound by time, but we, His creation, are. Think of the movies depicting prisoners locked away in solitary confinement or castaways stranded on a desert island. They always seem compelled to mark the days […]

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