New Outpost: We’ve had a work in Tel Aviv since 1994, but in August 2007 we opened a new outpost in Rishon L’Tzion, a coastal city with a beach on the Mediterranean Sea, just about seven miles south of Tel Aviv and half an hour from Jerusalem. With almost 200,000 people, Rishon L’Tzion (literally “First to Zion”) is the third largest city in Israel. It was the first Jewish settlement in the Land prior to its establishment as a state. It seems fitting that this is the first place that we are “branching out” in Israel.

Shlomy and Miriam, two of our tenured staff, are running the work there. Rishon L’Tzion is Shlomy’s hometown; he knows many people and is known there. Shlomy and Miriam hope to have a Bible study geared for Israeli seekers. Miriam is excited about extending her door-todoor ministry. We will, of course, continue in our normal methodologies of evangelism, visiting people one-onone, phoning and handing out our broadside tracts. More than anything Shlomy and Miriam want to see the city of Rishon L’Tzion won for Jesus. Please keep them in your prayers.

Media outreach: We recently had our first secular media advertisement in a local newspaper in Israel and will continue to seek ways to present the gospel in the secular media there. Please pray for wisdom and creativity.

Behold Your God Israel: This year will see the first of our Behold Your God campaigns in Israel. Please pray for wisdom, strength and grace as we face many decisions. Please pray for God to prepare many hearts to receive the gospel.

Massah is a Hebrew word that literally means “Journey.” This was quite a journey for a dozen or so college-age Americans who spent their summer in Israel and India. This new program acclimates young Jewish believers in Jesus to Israel, and brings them on an adventure where they have opportunities to witness to Israelis their own age, that is, “trekkers” who are just out of the army. If you would like to read more about this new program, go to Please pray for continued wisdom and that God will use this combination discipleship-evangelism program not only to reach the lost, but also to help young believers learn to walk more closely with Jesus and with one another.


Mitino is an outlying district of Moscow where Mira Gracheva has been serving with Jews for Jesus. Mira has been a spiritual midwife for many Jewish believers in Jesus there, including the 10-20 who now meet regularly as a new fellowship. (As of this writing they have not decided on a name for their congregation.) Over the last few years Mira has invited a local pastor to come and teach at some of their Bible studies and holiday services. Mira says, “He became our pastor long before we began to call ourselves a church.”

Sukkot (the Feast of Tabernacles) provided the perfect time of joyous celebration for this fellowship to come together and declare themselves an official congregation of Jewish believers in Jesus. Mira and her core group worked hard to put together a wonderful service, making 500 phone calls to invite people to attend. Eighty-four people came, including the core group of this new congregation, as well as 12 Jewish people who opened their hearts to Jesus for the first time.

Please pray for this fledgling congregation and that God will provide a meeting place that will enable the group to grow.


In addition to new happenings in our young adult ministry in Brooklyn, there have been stirrings in our young adult ministries in Chicago and Los Angeles as well.

Heather Blecher has taken over a young adult ministry in Chicago that was begun by Micha Cohen and Melissa Moskowitz. The group recently named itself Mishpochago (merging the words “Mishpochah” which means “family,” with “Chicago”). Between 20 and 30 students are now meeting monthly and, as a spin-off from that group, Heather also meets weekly with a group of five women for Bible study.

Our Los Angeles branch is seeing new vigor in outreach to college students, as Sara Friedman is now leading a Thursday night Bible study generally attended by seven college students. We have a unique situation in that branch, inasmuch as there is a group of 20 or so college students who have grown up with Jews for Jesus—as the children of our staff, and/or as part of our camp program. There is already a sense of community among them, and Sara has been helping to facilitate some of their enthusiasm toward serving God.

Sara says, “These guys had the option to see their faith as their own or not. It’s so exciting to see how they have committed themselves to serve God as a community. They are very enthusiastic about seeing some of our unused office space made into a more student-friendly atmosphere where people can hang out, study, talk about spiritual matters, etc. These students have been well prepared to serve God: they are now stepping out and taking action. They compare notes with one another on how to share their faith with unsaved friends.”

Several of our staff who minister to young adults recently convened in San Francisco to discuss vision, strategy, and what they can learn from one another’s experiences. Please pray for our outreach to young adults ministry-wide.


We realize that only a small segment of you receive Havurah, which is our quarterly publication for Jewish believers in Jesus—but we would appreciate your prayers for this publication. We have recently launched a new format that we hope will help to engage people in some of the unique challenges and opportunities that Jews who believe in Jesus face.


Christ in the Feast of Pentecost by David Brickner and Rich Robinson Please look at the flyer that came with this month’s newsletter! We hope you will want to know more about the Feast of Pentecost and why God chose this Jewish harvest festival to become what many consider the birthday of the Church. This book is hot off the Moody Press!


Our new Jewish gospel music recording Never Forget sounds just like what you’d expect from the Liberated Wailing Wall—and totally different! Many songs present the traditional lively klezmer sound with the Messianic melodies that most want and rightly expect from this longstanding Jewish gospel music team. Yet many of the songs have a fresh, almost edgy, more individual soul-searching, wouldn’t-be-surprisedto- find-this-on-someone’s-iPod sound that reflects the experience and taste of a new and talented generation. If you haven’t yet gotten a taste of this album, we have five sample clips that you can download to your computer at albums. Even if you are not a buyer of Messianic music, please give a listen to these fresh Scripture-based songs, and pray for God to use this album to touch many hearts for Him.


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Connect with Jews for Jesus. No matter where you are on the journey of life, whether you’re Jewish or non-Jewish, a believer in Jesus or not – we want to hear from you. Chat with someone online or connect via our contact page below.  
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