Bits from the 2008 Branches

South Africa

Michael Sischy reports, “When intern Gabi Goldstein served with us in Johannesburg, he made contact with Y__, a new Israeli believer in town. When Gabi left us to continue with his internship in France, I set up a time to meet with Y__ in a local coffee shop.

“The appointed day arrived, and not only did Y__ show up, but so did K__, who introduced himself as Y__’s brother. Knowing that Y__ did not have a brother I asked the young man, ‘Who are you really?’ He admitted that he was a brother in the looser sense, as he also was Israeli. He immediately began asking questions, and wanted to know, among other things, where does the Bible talk about hell.

“It had not been long after the High Holidays, so I showed him where the book of Revelation says that anyone not found in the Lamb’s Book of Life will be thrown into the lake of fire, the second death. K__ found this quite sobering. I asked who he thought the ‘Lamb’ could possibly be. He said, ‘It sounds like Jesus.’ I encouraged K to start reading the New Testament. Please pray that he will turn to Jesus his Messiah and be inscribed in the Lamb’s Book of Life.”


Richard Muller reports, “I was doing a sortie (tract-passing expedition) in the business district of Toronto, and getting a lot of pointed rejection. Suddenly a man walked up to me and handed me his cell phone saying, ‘You have to hear this.’ I was expecting another insult or protest, but instead was greeted with a loud, ‘God BLESS you!’ from this man’s wife. The couple lives in Colorado and as he had phoned home, he was explaining to his wife that he was approaching a Jews for Jesus missionary! So there I was in Toronto, being blessed over a cell phone by a sister in the Lord 2,000 miles away. It really made my day— I love being part of God’s family!”

The Liberated Wailing Wall

Amy Beck reports, “We were doing evangelism at a park in downtown St. Louis, Missouri, near the Arch. I gave a man a tract and began a conversation with our Proposal Statement. When I told him what the Bible says about Jesus and asked, ‘Do you believe that?’ He said, ‘Yes.’ Before I could go on, he asked me, ‘Will you pray for me to receive Jesus as my Savior?’ I was eager to help but wanted to ask a few more questions first. I found out that he had been living at St. Peter’s Homeless Shelter for two years, and when I asked him if there was any reason why he hadn’t prayed to receive Jesus before, he said, ‘I just felt like I needed someone to pray with me.’

“We went through each point of the gospel again, and then he repeated a prayer of repentance with me and gave me the address of the shelter where he was living. I told him that all the angels in heaven were rejoicing with him, and encouraged him to tell his friends at the shelter that he had just prayed to receive Jesus as his Savior. What a blessing!”

Los Angeles

Cyril Gordon reports, “I recently met a Jewish student named Ron as I handed out broadsides (gospel tracts) at a local campus. As we were conversing, someone came along to discourage Ron from talking to me; in fact, he practically dragged him away. However, Ron held onto the broadside, and the following day, he called the phone number on the back and asked to speak to one of us. It goes to show that when the Holy Spirit is working in someone’s heart, outside pressures will not prevail. I happened to be the one to receive Ron’s message and now we are meeting weekly. He really seems to be searching for answers. Please pray for Ron’s salvation as we explore the Messianic claims of Jesus together.”


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