January 2007 Newsletter (5767:5)

The Joy of Being Wrong
January 1, 2007

Has the discovery that you were wrong about something ever delighted you? Often I respond to such discoveries with a grudging admission. But there is something wonderful about responding properly to truth, even the truth of being wrong. It shatters the illusion of...

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What’s Been Happening in New York Since BYG?

Many of you asked over the summer whether there would be any follow-up reports after BYG. Thanks to our New York staff for getting back to us about some of what has been happening with the follow-up. We hope you’ll be encouraged by these reports and that you will pray...

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Bits from the Branches

Montreal Karl deSouza reports, “I was handing out tracts with a volunteer at a subway stop when a Jewish man took exception to my ‘Jews for Jesus’ Tshirt. He turned out to be a rabbi who claimed that I was not Jewish because of my faith in Jesus and that I was...

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