Thanks to those of you who keep your prayer prompters and use them to intercede for Jews for Jesus and those we meet.

We asked our missionaries to report back on some of those prayer requests, and we wanted to share a few answered prayers with you.

In January, Dan Sered reported from Tel Aviv that he was discipling a new believer named Avner, and sharing the gospel with one of his roommates, Dan. He requested prayer for Avner’s continued growth and that Dan would receive the Lord. Praise God! Avner is grounded in a congregation of believers, attending a home group and their Shabbat service weekly. He has been baptized and is well rooted in the faith. Dan has prayed with (our) Dan to receive the Lord. He is now regularly attending a home group at a local congregation. However he is not willing to get baptized. Dan is still meeting with him—please pray for his growth and spiritual grounding.

In March, from Toronto, Karl DeSouza reported ministering to a Jewish woman named Karen over the phone and praying with her to receive Jesus as her Savior. Praise the Lord! Karl is still ministering to her and she continues to grow in faith.

In June, Karol Joseph in New York requested prayer for Brenda (not her real name), who had prayed with Karol to receive the Lord after seeing The Passion of the Christ. Karol asked for prayer for her as she works in a Jewish organization, that she would grow in faith. Karol reports that Brenda hasn’t had an easy time, yet she is standing firm in her belief. Please continue praying for her and her 10-year-old daughter.

Also in June Marcello Araujo from Toronto reported having met a Jewish man named Eduardo in Vancouver. He remained in touch by e-mail and phone and Eduardo came to faith in Messiah! Praise the Lord! Marcello still has active phone ministry with him and Eduardo is regularly attending a local church.

In July, from Dnepropetrovsk, Valera Bolotov had requested prayer for Vladislav, a new Jewish believer who had slipped back into alcoholism. Praise God, Vladislav has been able to remain sober and attend church regularly, and he was baptized. Please continue to pray that God will protect and preserve him.

In August, from New York, Gregory Fuhrman requested prayer for Vicky, who is wheelchair-bound from polio. Gregory led her to faith and asked prayer for this new Jewish believer as he was seeking to help her grow in a church that meets close to her home. Gregory reports that he is meeting with Vicky weekly, and that the pastor and several people from the church have been frequently visiting and praying with Vicky. Praise God, she is growing in the Lord. Please keep her in your prayers.

In October, Lena Gourtovaya from Kharkov reported meeting with a new Jewish believer named Era. Lena asked you to pray that Era’s interest in the Bible would not fade away, but that she would grow in the knowledge of God. Praise God, Era has continued reading her Bible and receiving visits from our missionaries.

And in October, Shlomy Abramov in Tel Aviv asked prayer for Amitai, an Israeli soldier who prayed with him to receive the Lord as a result of joint ministry from Dan and Shlomy. Dan reports that Amitai was baptized. He is still in the army so he only gets to attend his congregation when he comes home, which he does faithfully. Dan and Shlomy also meet with him when he is home.

Also in October from Shlomy we heard, It was an incredible week. Three men whom I have been trying to meet with to no avail, have started calling me, asking to come to congregation with me and wanting to study the Bible. Please pray for Ronnie, Shlomy and Igor.” Praise the Lord! All three are growing in their faith and were baptized.


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