In the midst of all of life’s difficulties lately, I have had the most amazing reminder of how much God orders the days of our lives.

For years I have wondered about my childhood friends. I have completely lost track of everyone from high school or before. They were all Jewish and I’ve wondered about them over the years.

Recently, my sister Hilary in California was signing a credit card receipt in a store. The saleswoman immediately recognized Hilary’s last name (my maiden name) and in the course of conversation, learned that Hilary was my sister. Lisa emailed me that very night and so the first contact with an old friend was made.

This set off a chain of emails from two other friends who are still in touch with Lisa. And they are also still in touch with two other old friends from the Bronx. I wrote them all and gave them my story, figuring they need to know who I am now. No one responded negatively and there have been a lot of exciting stories going back and forth by email. We are planning a reunion in April, somewhere in New York.

All this was terrific, but made me even more aware that I had lost touch with my very best friend, Robin. One of the other women said she had an old email address for her, so I tried it. Robin wrote back in ten minutes, very excited to hear from me. I wrote her back with the same stories and story I had shared with the others.

Once again, Robin responded immediately—this time to tell me that she had become a believer 13 years ago! More than that, she recognized my married name as one that she’s read in the Jews for Jesus literature over the years. She told me how much Jews for Jesus has helped her on her spiritual path, how she and her husband had met a Jewish believer named Rich Nichol years ago in Boston, how she had just seen The Liberated Wailing Wall recently, and met Garrett Smith and Jonathan Bernd, how she has a supported our ministry for years and how thankful she feels for our input.

I was on the phone with Robin for an hour as we laughed and talked and cried. What were the chances that my very best childhood friend would become a believer, and that two out of the five of us close Jewish friends would know the Lord? I will try to see Robin before the reunion next April. The others already know that I’m a believer, and we can hardly wait to let them know that Robin is, too!

So…keep praying for your childhood friends…and see what God will do!

Melissa Moskowitz has been on our missionary staff for 27 years and serves in that capacity as the editor of Havurah and the director of Camp Gilgal Midwest.


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Melissa Moskowitz | Los Angeles

Young Adult Ministry

Melissa Moskowitz has been a part of Jews for Jesus since 1976. She was born and raised in the Bronx and came to believe in Jesus while in college. Throughout her 40 years of service with the ministry, she's had the opportunity to use her giftings in youth and young adult work; in publications; through photography; and for the past 16 years in young adult ministry. Currently living on the west side of Los Angeles (to be closer to her grandson), Melissa maintains a monthly Shabbat fellowship for young adults and other events for the LA young adult community. A new initiative for the LA branch that Melissa is spearheading is ArtShareCollective/LA, a visionary community of Jewish believing artists who desire to use their creativity for the Gospel.

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