Jonathan Bernd reports, A wonderful Russian-speaking messianic congregation has been regularly sending volunteers with us to interpret as we do door-to-door evangelism. As a result, we began a series of ‘investigators evenings’ to discuss such topics as ‘Israel and the Jewish people’ and ‘God and science.’ We’ve had from two to five unbelieving Jewish people attend these meetings, along with the Jewish believers. I’ve been especially encouraged about Larissa, whom I met while trying to visit her niece. The niece had moved, but Larissa invited us in. She has read the material I sent her, and seems to be grasping the gospel message. Please pray she soon comes to faith.”


Mira Gracheva reports, “I was handing out broadsides (gospel tracts) in a particularly difficult location. It was discouraging as two Jewish people gave me their addresses to receive more information, but then changed their minds and took them back. In a battle for people’s souls, you can’t win by your own power. So I prayed to God, ‘Not by my power, but by Yours, Lord.’ And a 70-year-old Jewish woman named Marina prayed with me to repent of her sin. Then a 69-year-old Jewish man named Edward did so also. Then another woman named Marina, who is not Jewish (but her husband is), also prayed to receive Jesus. Nina, a Jewish woman from Tel Aviv, willingly gave me her address and said, ‘I believe in Jesus,’ but when asked could not say exactly why or what she believed. She promised to come to our Shabbat meeting. I praise the Lord for the wonderful sortie (tract-passing expedition).”


Tolik Emma reports, “I dropped in to visit a Jewish woman named Maya for the first time. After she let me in, she led me to the kitchen and suggested I take a seat. Then she said, ‘So, you’re from Jews for Jesus. I know about you. I have read pamphlets about you. They say that you are a sect that spreads a lie.’ I asked, ‘Then why did you let me in, and, moreover, lead me to your kitchen?’ ‘You know,’ Maya continued, ‘ten years ago, my friend moved to Israel and came to believe in Jesus there. She visited here recently and told me about Jesus and about what He had done for us. She also said that the pamphlets about Jews for Jesus were a lie. Therefore, I decided to let you in and to continue a talk about Jesus.’ Please pray for the salvation of Maya.”


Co-Laborer Suzanne Utts is praising the Lord for a new Jewish believer named Deborah. Suzanne reports, “Deborah came to the Jews for Jesus chat room seeking information about Jesus. Within minutes she wanted to pray to receive Him, so we prayed with her! She kept saying, ‘the burden has been lifted’ and, ‘I can’t believe how different I feel!’ She asked for a referral to a Messianic congregation in her city and promised to go. Before she left she was asking good questions on how to learn more about God and she asked for prayer for her unsaved family! She said, ‘I want them to be saved too and experience this!’ Please pray for Deborah and her family.”

Tel Aviv

Dan Sered reports, “One of the camp counselors whom Efraim and Jeannie Goldstein worked with over the summer told them about his cousin, Avner, who had recently prayed to receive the Lord. Efraim asked me to disciple Avner. It has been great seeing Avner grow in his faith, and sharing the gospel with one of his roommates, Dan. Praise God! I have begun studying the Bible with Dan as well. Please pray for Avner’s continued growth, and for Dan to come to know Yeshua.”