If New Year’s Day is the only time that we make resolutions, we’re bound to fail by January 3. No, the kind of resolve we need in order to serve God and be His person has to be made daily, and sometimes, moment by moment.

We must continually decide if we will do things God’s way as opposed to our way of doing things.

For example, it is not enough to resolve on December 31 that we will pray each day. April 15 also requires that resolution for daily prayer—particularly when you realize how much you have to pay in taxes!

It is great to have holidays to celebrate Thanksgiving or the Incarnation—but we need to be thankful every day and we need to appreciate God’s presence every day. Life isn’t won on month-old resolutions. In the game of life, you win moment by moment, day by day.

Now wouldn’t you think it strange if the only time you had to tell your spouse you loved him or her was on February 14 and you didn’t have to mention it all the rest of the year? I think most spouses would kind of like to hear every day that we care for them.

Why is it that we have to have resolutions every day? Well, you know the answer—because our resolutions evaporate in the face of temptation and testing. Our resolve weakens as soon as our mind shifts. The dieters must not only remember that they are on a diet once a year, but they need to resolve to be careful of what they eat at every mealtime and every time they are tempted to take a snack.

Most of our resolutions consist of saying no to ourselves and yes to what is right. But it is human nature to indulge ourselves and relax our resolve in the face of fun, fancy foods or forgiving people.

A real resolution means holding ourselves accountable for a certain behavior regardless of the time and place. Humanly speaking, it is impossible, but with God and His strength, following the right resolutions on a regular basis is more than possible. I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13) So, what resolution will you trust Jesus to help you with in this moment?


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