January 2004 Newsletter (5764:5)

Making Full Proof
January 1, 2004

So how did things go in school today?” “OK.” “Did anything interesting happen?” “Not much.” Maybe you have had a similar conversation with your child or someone you know. You want to know what is happening and all you hear are...

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Highlights of BYG in 2003

(This newsletter was prepared in November so we were unable to include highlights from our December campaigns in West Palm Beach and Sydney.) London Joseph Steinberg reports, On the last Monday night in July, near the end of the campaign, we held a special...

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You Never Know!

In the midst of all of life’s difficulties lately, I have had the most amazing reminder of how much God orders the days of our lives. For years I have wondered about my childhood friends. I have completely lost track of everyone from high school or before. They...

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God’s Timetable
Author: Lyn Bond

There is only one gospel: Jesus Christ, the Messiah died and rose again so that those who believe and receive Him can have eternal fellowship with God. John 3:16 is most succinct on this: For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever...

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A Message from Moishe – New Year’s Resolutions?
Author: Moishe Rosen

If New Year’s Day is the only time that we make resolutions, we’re bound to fail by January 3. No, the kind of resolve we need in order to serve God and be His person has to be made daily, and sometimes, moment by moment. We must continually decide if we...

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Bits from the Branches

Boston Jonathan Bernd reports, A wonderful Russian-speaking messianic congregation has been regularly sending volunteers with us to interpret as we do door-to-door evangelism. As a result, we began a series of ‘investigators evenings’ to discuss such...

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