January 2003 Newsletter (5763:5)

The Power to Change
January 1, 2003

Made any New Year’s resolutions yet? Most of us would like to change something about ourselves. Sometimes it is in the area of health, such as diet or exercise. Often it has to do with spiritual disciplines such as prayer or studying the Scriptures. For many,...

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The BYG Pic

We wanted to report some of the results from our Toulouse, Mexico City and Hartford/New Haven campaigns. Numbers are not so meaningful but remember that each number represents a person who received a tract, or was interested enough to have more information come to...

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Jews for Jesus in Washington, D.C.

The Washington, D.C. area is home to some 183,000 Jewish people, with another 100,000 in the nearby Baltimore area. The Washington, D.C. branch of Jews for Jesus was established in 1989 under the leadership of Bob Mendelsohn. Next Peter Rice directed the branch and...

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I Had a Plan
Author: Larry Dubin

I had a plan…but God had a better one. I was at least the third Jews for Jesus missionary to visit Brad. I really wanted to succeed in helping him enter God’s kingdom. So I had mapped my plan for how Brad could come to saving faith in Jesus. Brad was reared in a...

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Every Knock Is Still a Boost
Author: Garrett Smith

Every knock is a boost—that’s what Jews for Jesus founder Moishe Rosen has always maintained. And in making Jesus known, we’ve seen that saying proven over and over. The Jewish newspaper, the Advocate, has printed a number of negative letters about Jews...

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A Message from Moishe: how can you be Jewish and be a Christian?
Author: Moishe Rosen

Here’s a question that came to me from the e-mailbag. It’s an often asked question and perhaps you might find the answer helpful should you find yourself in a similar discussion. Recently picked up a pamphlet on my university campus called ‘Why...

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