It is amazing to play a part in helping a person fall more in love with Jesus. And that’s really what evangelism is all about-matchmaking for Jesus! But this kind of matchmaking is teamwork and it also requires some tools of the trade.

Sometimes we come into play only as an assist,” as when a believer refers us to a friend who needs to see that there are other Jews who love Jesus. Whatever the case, we love matching people up with Jesus.

The following are examples of a couple of our “matchmakers for Jesus” and the tools they use. If you want to know more about our “tools of the trade,” check out our web site:

A big part of our ministry is going out to witness in public places, but visits are the part of our ministry that many of us look forward to the most. We visit one-on-one with Jewish seekers, hoping that they will come to faith…and we also spend time helping to ground those who do come to faith. It is a wonderful thing to watch people undergo life changes as they study and learn what it means to belong to Jesus. To see someone grow in their understanding of the Scriptures and begin to share their faith with those around them—nothing can compare!

I was especially delighted to meet Pete, a Jewish man from San Diego. Pete did not come to Christ through our ministry, but as a result of listening to Christian radio and exploring the Bible. Nevertheless, when I met Pete he hadn’t yet learned many of the basics about being a disciple of Jesus. We began meeting on a weekly basis, discussing issues such as Bible reading and prayer, fellowship with other believers and sharing our faith with others.

About this time, Jews for Jesus had just released a workbook called Following Yeshua: a Discipleship Guide for New Jewish Believers. It was exactly what Pete needed. We began by discussing Pete’s salvation and how he knew that he was saved. The day after our first lesson, Pete called me. I wasn’t home, but later listened to the message he left.

Pete could hardly contain his enthusiasm regarding the chapter we had studied. For the first time, he was able to actively apply Scripture to his everyday life. He devoured the material and began memorizing the Scriptures in the workbook. During these past few months, Pete has often commented that our time of structured discipleship has given him the tools he needed to overcome spiritual struggles that had previously hindered his growth. We know this is God’s doing, but I can’t tell you what a joy it is to be part of it!

-John Michael M.
Los Angeles

Darrell heard about the doctoral work that I’m doing among interfaith couples from his uncle, a pastor in West Los Angeles. So, in August Darrell introduced me to his Jewish girlfriend, Stacy.

That visit helped both of them. Darrell never realized the struggles Jewish people have just to allow themselves to consider the gospel. Stacy said it was the first time that she realized Jesus was for Jewish people, too. She took copies of ISSUES (our periodical for Jewish seekers) and Turning to God (a booklet I wrote about the Jewish meaning of repentance) to read at home. She also went online to study various articles and testimonies on our web site.

On September 2, it dawned on Stacy that she was in jeopardy of spending her eternity separated from God. She called Darrell and asked him question after question about being saved. Finally, that afternoon she prayed with him to receive Christ. After attending the High Holy Day services with us, they came over to tell me that she had come to faith and wanted to start working through the Following Yeshua discipleship book. She asked for prayer for her growth in grace and for her family members to be saved, too. Her father has already visited our web site to learn something of what his daughter now believes.

-Tuvya Zaretsky
Los Angeles


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