From South Africa, Teresa Sischy reports, Lilly had been telling her Jewish friend Sheila about Jesus for years before Sheila finally agreed to study Scripture with her. When Lilly sensed Sheila was beginning to see that Yeshua is the Messiah, she asked us to call her. Soon afterwards, I met with Sheila and led her in a prayer of salvation, praise God!”

From Washington, D.C., branch leader Garrett Smith reports, “My visits with Alan had come to a standstill, until I skimmed the Baltimore Jewish paper and saw that his daughter was getting married. I called Alan and told him I had seen her photo, and he replied that he had seen my picture in a different paper, along with an article about me speaking at a church in the area. After we chatted, he was willing to get together again. He looked at the New Testament for the first time, and we had our most spiritually relevant discussion to date. Praise God!”

Trainee John Michael M. reports from New York, “Isaiah, a new Jewish believer, is struggling with a drug addiction. Igor Ashkinazi and I met with Isaiah just after he was released from the hospital following an overdose. Isaiah listened intently as Igor told his own story of drug abuse and healing. I completed our time with a word of prayer, after which Isaiah hugged us and said, ‘I cried out to God while I was in the hospital. This meeting today was the answer to my prayer!’ Please pray for Isaiah’s faith to take hold in his life and that he would, with God’s help, conquer the demons of drug addiction.”

From New York, missionary Kina Forman reports, “Jennifer grew up in a secular Jewish household, and has recently been searching for spiritual answers. When she started dating a Christian man, she began wondering about Jesus. Around the same time, she saw one of our ads and ordered our Future Hope book, then she saw David Brickner on ‘Larry King Live!’ Over the summer, Jennifer received numerous broadsides from our campaigners, and finally she decided to contact our office. We recently met and I would ask you to pray for her as she struggles to accept the truth.”

Moishe Rosen passed along this encouraging e-mail regarding our Florida branch:

“I am married to a Jewish believer who came to faith three years ago. Last year I felt a calling to start witnessing to my mother-in-law, so I called Jews for Jesus in Ft. Lauderdale and spoke to missionary Greg Savitt. He told me the do’s and don’ts of witnessing to Jewish people.…After studying with [my mother-in-law] for several months and using the information Greg provided me, I’m glad to say she accepted Jesus as her Messiah. Since then she has been on fire for Jesus! Greg spoke with her husband, Murray, a week later and he also accepted Jesus! Our family wants to thank Greg for all of his help and commitment to the Lord. Our family will never be the same.”

Outreach worker Emma Anatoly reports from Kiev, “I came to visit Tsylia, a new Jewish believer, and her husband, Arkady, who is not yet a believer. They were out visiting relatives, but their 24-year-old grandson Denis was home, and he gladly let me in. I discovered that sometimes during my visits he would listen in on our talks about Jesus. Denis had many questions concerning the Bible. We arranged to meet again. Please pray for his salvation.”

Outreach worker Galya also reports from Kiev, “I came home to an empty house and did not have my key. My neighbour, Maria, kindly let me in and offered me some tea. As we talked, I witnessed to her and she repented, praying for forgiveness of sin and a new life in Jesus. I left her apartment, turned and saw my mother standing inside our apartment. She had been home the entire time but did not hear the door bell. Even the dog did not react. Apparently God wanted me to meet with our neighbour! Please pray for Maria, a new Gentile believer, to grow in faith and also to receive healing from the Lord.”

From Essen, Germany, Jonathan Bernd reports, “Miriam, a Germanspeaking Jewish woman, dropped by our new office to see if we needed a cleaner. As the team explained who we were and what we did, Miriam told us that her father was Jewish and had died in a concentration camp. She seemed very interested in our work and open to the gospel. Please pray for our team as they follow up, and pray that Miriam will soon come to know the Lord. God is using our office—even before we put up a sign!”