January 2001 Newsletter (5761:5)

Last But not Least… The Rest of Our 2000 Class of Trainees
January 1, 2001

Meet John Michael M In 1938 my grandparents, Arthur and Ella, fled Nazi-occupied Vienna. Despite incredible odds, they escaped a land of death and came safely to the United States, where they would eventually meet their Messiah. You see, a German Mennonite farmer and his wife took it upon themselves to pray for the salvation…

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Bits from the Branches

From South Africa, Teresa Sischy reports, Lilly had been telling her Jewish friend Sheila about Jesus for years before Sheila finally agreed to study Scripture with her. When Lilly sensed Sheila was beginning to see that Yeshua is the Messiah, she asked us to call her. Soon afterwards, I met with Sheila and led her…

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Another Resolution?
Topics: renewal

The front gate is slightly ajar, hanging loosely on one hinge. Weeds all but cover a rusted rake. The steps to the front porch are strewn with greasy parts from a dismantled power mower. The sign on the door reads Bullock’s Professional Lawn and Garden Service.” You need a gardener but you shake your head…

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The Best of the Holy Land” Tour”

Lon Solomon, senior pastor at McLean Bible Church and a long-time member of the Jews for Jesus board of directors, is leading his 13th tour in Israel this year. Lon’s Jewish background and his faith in Jesus combine for a very personal as well as biblical perspective on the Land of Israel. The tour will…

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Zola Levitt Presents

The television program Zola Levitt Presents” will feature an interview with David Brickner on FOX-FAM and TBN. We thought you’d like to know and we hope you’ll tune in if possible.* * FOX-FAM: January 15 at 1:00 a.m., ET and PT, 12:00 midnight CT, and January 14 at 11:00 p.m. MT TBN: January 15 at…

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The BYG Pic

Avi Snyder recently met with a Ukrainian-born Jewish believer in Jesus, a film director who has many contacts in the industry—in the United States as well as in the former USSR. He asked if that Jewish believer would be willing to help us develop a BYG media campaign in Minsk, Moscow and St. Petersburg. The…

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Praise Prompters: January 2001

For those of you who have prayed through all our prayer prompters in 2000, thank you! Some of our missionaries are better than others about reporting back on answers to prayer (…ahem…to those of you Jews for Jesus missionaries reading this, you know who you are!). But they all appreciate your prayers and we’ve got…

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The New York Times Ad

In response to the situation in the Middle East, last October Jews for Jesus placed a full page ad in the national edition of the New York Times. The text of this ad was as follows: Open Letter to Evangelical Christians from Jews for Jesus: Now is the time to stand with Israel Dear Brothers…

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