Report on 1999 Prayer Prompters

We don’t have space to report on all the 1999 Prayer Prompters, but thought we would give you a sampling of what has happened with various people we’ve asked you to pray for. There is much to rejoice about and there are also some sad reports we hope you will keep in prayer.


We asked prayer for Jacqueline’s salvation (Paris). Unfortunately, she is not in contact with us at this time. Her husband (not Jewish but not a Christian) seems to have discouraged her.


We asked prayer for spiritual growth for new Jewish believer Allan (Fort Lauderdale). He has been baptized and shows signs of growth. Please pray for healing as he has only 16% lung capacity.


Outreach worker Sergey Koulakov (CIS) prayed with his landlady Elvira to receive the Lord. We prayed for her to grow. Unfortunately, she did not show interest in meeting any longer to study the Bible.

We asked prayer for spiritual growth and healing for new believer Mark (Los Angeles). He died at Rosh Hashanah. His unbelieving Jewish family heard the gospel at the funeral.

We asked prayer for spiritual growth for new believer Yalli (Paris). She has become an enthusiastic boost to the branch and is interested in working with us, but first needs to be baptized and involved with a church.


We asked prayer for Garry’s salvation (Australia). Garry came to faith and seems to be growing. He’s beginning to witness to his unsaved family members. We asked prayer for outreach worker Lilia’s father Mark and sister Snezhana. Both came to faith!


We asked prayer for spiritual growth for new Jewish believer Victoria (Dallas). She has kept in touch with missionary Lyn Bond (Chicago) via e-mail. Victoria is getting involved in a good church.

We asked prayer for spiritual growth for new believer Roger. Missionary Greg Savitt (Florida) still has occasional contact with him and asks prayer that Roger will settle in a church.

We asked prayer for Lawrence’s salvation (Los Angeles). He keeps in touch but does not seem any more open to the gospel thus far.

We asked prayer for spiritual growth for new believer Connie and salvation for her boyfriend, Steve. Follow-up with Connie continues and Steve seems open.


Outreach worker Moshe Shuai (Israel) asked prayer for healing for his mother Chana and salvation for his sister Odet. Chana is cancer-free, but so far, Odet is no closer to Yeshua.

We asked prayer for spiritual growth for new believer Vitaly (New York) and we were able to meet with him for a while, but then he suddenly disappeared without a trace.


We asked prayer for Helen’s salvation (Australia). She came to faith, as reported in David Brickner’s article on page 2, and is highly involved in a local church family.

We asked prayer for spiritual growth for Chris, an electrician in Chicago who prayed with our office worker Melanie Rose. She says the seed seems to have hit rock as he has been unresponsive to invitations to participate in spiritual things.


In the CIS, we asked prayer for a volunteer named Larissa (not to be confused with our outreach worker Larissa Savelieva) who was beaten while doing evangelism but remained bold. Sadly, Larissa fell into sin and is no longer with our ministry.

We asked prayer for salvation for Svi (Johannesburg). He continues to meet with us and is still open but has not yet come to faith. He plans to sell his business and move back to Israel, so please pray that our branch leader, Eliyah (who is meeting with him), will have enough time with him before he leaves.


We asked prayer for Nick’s salvation (London) and he has come to faith! He brought his unbelieving Jewish mom to our Yom Kippur service. She may be willing to meet with one of our missionaries, Rahel.

We asked prayer for Leigh’s salvation (Johannesburg) and, while he still meets with us occasionally and is open minded,” so far he does not want to face the consequences of receiving Jesus.

We asked prayer for spiritual growth for Mark and Aaron. Mark has been baptized and has joined a local congregation. Aaron is moving in that direction.


Alik, a former neighbor of outreach worker Larissa Savelieva (CIS) came to faith. We asked prayer for his spiritual growth. He still needs prayer to settle into a church. Meanwhile, his wife Svetlana seems close to repentance. We asked prayer for spiritual growth for new believer Kaliyah (Israel). Our staff has had difficulty connecting with her. Please keep praying.

We asked prayer for spiritual growth for new believer Ian (London). He’s been doing well with a discipleship course at a local church.


We wanted to end on a joyous note and since this is so recent we’ll give you a bit more of the story. Last month, we asked you to pray for Josh (Los Angeles) who responded to our futureHOPE ad in the US News and World Report. He had also given his name to one of our summer campaigners in New York. When Stan Meyer met with him, Josh was open and seriously considering the gospel. Stan showed him Isaiah 53 and Josh believed Jesus must be the Messiah. Yet he was not ready to accept Him personally into his life.

Stan got together with him again and Josh was beaming. “I finally accepted Jesus last week!” he told Stan.

“You did? How did you decide?”

“Well, I was asking questions and more questions and finally asked myself ‘How many more questions are you going to come up with?’ It all made sense, especially what you said about Isaiah 53. But the clincher was this!” Josh then showed Stan a Christian book he’d been reading in which the sinner’s prayer appeared on page 53! Coincidence? Maybe to some, but it was the confirmation that Josh needed.

Thanks for all of your prayers. They truly make a difference and we hope that you will use the enclosed insert to remember us in prayer through the first quarter of the new year.


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