From Fort Lauderdale, branch leader Sharon Freeman reports, Diane Cohen and I dropped by to follow up on some of the people who had responded to our direct mail piece that offered David Brickner’s book, futureHOPE. One elderly Jewish woman named Sally invited us in and showed us the book with her marker halfway through it. We shared our testimonies with her, read Isaiah 53 together and explained the gospel. Sally was open to meeting again, so Diane will be following up with her. Please pray for her salvation.”

Also from Fort Lauderdale, missionary Greg Savitt reports, “I visited Bill, an 85-year-old man recovering from hip replacement surgery. His son, a Jewish believer, had asked me to come. When I arrived, I was taken aback because his son was not there, but the rest of the family (none of whom believes in Jesus) was. It wasn’t the best time for a visit, but I did pray, in the name of Jesus, that Bill would be healed physically, spiritually and emotionally. Several relatives inquired about my beliefs, and many seeds were planted. As I continued visiting Bill in the nursing home, the Holy Spirit melted away his doubt and distrust until, finally, he repented of his sins and believed. Please pray for Bill as I meet with him for discipleship lessons.”

From Washington, D.C., branch leader Garrett Smith reports, “Nici and I attended our first marriage counseling class at McLean Bible Church. There were about ten couples in the class. Each couple had to tell the group how they had met, and a few people cheered when they heard we were Jews for Jesus missionaries. As a result, I met a Jewish man who is not yet a believer. He has been attending church with his fiancTe for three months and is very open. Please pray for Steven’s salvation.”

From Johannesburg, missionary Natalie Sachs reports, “When Diane (who came to the Lord through our ministry) told me how concerned she was about her father, who is dying of cancer, I offered to visit him with her. We prayed that Allan (Diane’s dad) would be alone when we arrived, since her family has not received her faith well in the past. But much to our dismay, the room was crowded with family and friends. Then, to our great surprise, Allan asked everyone but us to leave the room! I sat down and prayed for him, then asked if I could explain the Jewish concept of sin to him. He agreed, so I spoke frankly and read from the Scriptures, including Isaiah 53. When I invited him to ask God for forgiveness and accept Jesus as his Messiah, he said yes! We prayed together, I encouraged him and then our time was over. All of this took place in 15 minutes. I truly believe it was a miracle. Diane was overwhelmed and ecstatic—and shocked. Please pray for Allan’s family to cope with his new faith as well as his illness, and that they will come to faith as well, especially his wife Leah.”

Also from Johannesburg, branch leader Eliyah Gould reports, “When one drives a Jews for Jesus van, it is common to see people glaring, swearing or making gestures. Recently, I was getting into my van when a man got out of his car and came rushing up to me. I prepared myself to greet him politely whatever he had to say. Turned out, Peter was Jewish and just wondering what we believe. His wife, a Christian, was smiling at everything I had to say. Peter is now reading our Questions and Answers booklet. Please pray for his salvation as we meet to discuss the gospel further. And yes, that was worth all of the other responses I’ve been getting lately!”

Also from Eliyah, “A Jewish believer I minister to gave me the distressing news that her son, Raymond, is dying of AIDS and asked if I would visit him. When Michael Sischy and I went to see him, I was pleased to see his Bible open. He was ready to talk about the Lord. Raymond was thinking seriously about Jesus; nevertheless, he had studied in a Yeshiva in Israel and had questions you might expect of one well educated in the Jewish religion. We talked about Jesus the Jewish Messiah; we talked about sin and God’s grace. When I asked him if he was ready to receive God’s forgiveness through the Messiah and come into relationship with the God of Israel, Raymond said yes! We read from the Gospel of John and prayed together. Raymond then told us how, just that week, he had realized that something needed to change for him. Praise God for His timing in this. I’d appreciate prayer as I continue to minister to Raymond.”