Eliyah Gould, leader of our South Africa work reports on his time in Southern California, While on sortie (tract passing expedition), I was encouraged to meet Sandra. She told me how she had come to faith through one of our broadsides (gospel tracts) she received at Disneyland over twenty years ago! Two years later, she led her husband to the Lord and he is now the pastor of Mission Valley Christian Fellowship. Praise the Lord for the harvest of planted seeds!”

From the CIS, Galya Bogomolova reports, “We met Marina Shkinyova during last year’s Summer Campaign and she has been receiving our literature ever since. Her heart was definitely prepared for my visit. She spent fifteen minutes telling me how sinful she was and that she believed Jesus is God. Yet when I invited her to make a decision, she told me she wasn’t ready. I was debating what to do next, and right at that moment, a thunderstorm broke out in the middle of what had been a sunny day! Marina rushed to shut all the windows and returned to our visit with a new insight. Life is unpredictable and one never knows what may strike next. This realization prompted her to make the decision to give her life to Jesus. Praise the Lord!”

From Paris, branch leader Stephen Pacht reports, “Jacqueline (an Algerian-born Jewish woman) was delighted to receive one of our broadsides. She phoned the office with her questions about Jesus and has begun attending our Bible study. Pray she will be born again.”

From New York, Kina Forman reports, “Last week, I was with Michelle Rose [one of our missionaries] as she was discipling a new Jewish believer at a coffee shop. Suddenly a woman a few tables away sneezed quite loudly. All three turned to say, ‘God bless you.’ When the woman said ‘Thank you,’ I immediately recognized her accent. (I grew up in a deaf home, and know the voice quality of deaf or hearing-impaired people.) So in sign language I asked, ‘Are you deaf or hard of hearing?’ The woman whose name was Jody replied with joy, ‘I’m deaf in one ear … I know some signs.’ (She really knew a lot.) I wondered if she was Jewish and prayed that God would give me an ‘in’ to share the gospel with her. When she told me, ‘Oh, you should teach children sign language,’ I replied, ‘Jody, my work is teaching about Jesus.’ No response. Nothing. I talked more about signing and prayed that God would give me an opportunity to tell her that I am Jewish and believe in Jesus. Soon after, she mentioned wanting to take a class on sign language. I responded, ‘Right now, I’m taking a class in Hebrew.’ She replied laughing, ‘Ooohh, and I thought you said Jesus before.’ ‘I did say Jesus,’ I told her. ‘I’m Jewish, and I believe in Jesus.’ ‘You mean Jews for Jesus?’ she asked. ‘Yes,’ I replied. Then she began to open up. ‘I’m a Reform Jew,’ she said. ‘This born-again Christian has been telling me about Jesus every day on my way to work.’ And of course, this opened up a whole opportunity to share with her about the Jewishness of believing in Jesus. We covered a lot in that half-hour. She wants to believe, but is now counting the costs. I will see Jody again. Pray for her salvation! Praise God for His unexpected appointments!”

Also from New York, missionary trainee Kate Abramson reports, “I was down in the office when the phone rang, and on the other end was a man with some questions about Jesus. I first took his name and address to send more information, then we began to talk. Eliezer, like me, was from Israel. In fact, he is from Mea Shearim, an extremely Orthodox section of Jerusalem. Only by God’s grace I found myself answering all his questions. In the end, he prayed with me to receive Yeshua! Praise God!”

From the Messiah’s Shofar tour in Germany: Leonid Kruter and Vlad Rehovsky were visiting Chaim, a relocation village for immigrants in the city of Boppert, Germany. There they met a Jewish immigrant named Albert, who was originally from Czechoslovakia but most recently from the Sudan. Albert speaks several languages including Russian. When Leonid and Vlad asked Albert about God, he showed them a Bible that he said he occasionally reads. Leonid and Vlad then began to speak with Albert about salvation and Yeshua. When they asked Albert if he would like to pray to receive Yeshua he agreed. Praise God! Albert had been living in Germany for several years and had never before heard about salvation and Yeshua. Before Leonid and Vlad left, Albert asked them to show him where to find passages in the Bible that would help him prepare for sharing the good news of Yeshua with his family and friends!