Too cold to go surfing in January? Not when it comes to the Internet.

All you do is point, click, point, click, point, click, wow!

At least we hope that is how you will react when you visit our new Jews for Jesus web site… .

Our executive director David Brickner says, Cyberspace is the streetcorner of the future where we will hand out cyber-broadsides and witness to those seeking God.” Accordingly, we have been working on a fresh, “cool” look and approach to our web site, which is available mid-January at a corner of cyberspace near you! The new site emphasizes evangelism, using cyberspace “to make the Messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to our Jewish people worldwide.”

One section titled “Why Believe in Jesus?” will offer a potpourri of evangelistic material, including personal stories of Jewish believers and articles especially designed for Jewish people seeking the truth about the Messiah. This section will also prove useful to Christians wanting to tell their Jewish friends about Jesus.

Chat rooms make great platforms from which people can share their faith. We are looking into having more hosted sessions as well as inviting special guests to take part in our discussions. This should attract new people to “chat” and will also help keep the discussions organized and fruitful.

We will also feature a calendar of speakers and events so visitors (including you!) can find if and when Jews for Jesus representatives are coming to their area. The “About Us” section tells about our branches, staff, missionaries and co-laborers as well as the philosophy, goals and history of Jews for Jesus. Plus we will have a “Topical Library,” a powerful tool that will enable you to find articles according to subject, author or publication where the article originally appeared. We are planning to include a collection of video and audio testimonies as part of the new multimedia section of the web site. We are hoping to add to our collection of 30 animated “broadsides” to deliver the same message that our missionaries hand out on the streets, adapted to the online world of course.

We are adding materials in Russian to the Spanish and French content that we already have—and we hope to develop Hebrew and German areas for our web site in the near future!

For those who are looking to do some “online shopping,” we’ve been improving the presentation of our Purple Pomegranate Productions Messianic Resource Catalogue. As this process continues we plan to add animation, 3D effects, audio and video clips.

Of course we will have a major publicity effort to promote the web site and to encourage visitors to check out why some Jews are for Jesus.

We invite you to visit our site and experience it for yourself. Remember, we are featuring plenty of changes as of mid-January, and there should be other surprises throughout the year as we continue to upgrade our witness on the web. Come visit us at

If you have any comments relating to this project, feel free to send us a message or write to us via “snail mail.”

Just remember, all you Internet aficionados, surf’s up!