January 1999 Newsletter (5759:5)

Christ Could Return in 1999!
January 1, 1999

I am not going to speculate that Jesus might be coming back at 11:59 P.M. on December 31, 1999. It’s not that it couldn’t happen, but I am afraid that at least one person would be certain it were true. Since no one knows the day or the hour, that would be...

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Praise Bits from the Branches January 1999

Many thanks to those of you who have upheld us in prayer throughout 1998. Here are some updates on last year’s requests to encourage you to continue using the Prayer Prompters in 1999: We asked you to pray for spiritual growth for new Jewish believer Merrilyn in...

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A Million Questions

I was born in Brooklyn, 32 years ago, in an area so Jewish that until I entered junior high, I sincerely believed that non-Jews were a minority people in the United States. My parents were very secular, yet being Jewish was an important part of our very loving and...

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Time to Renew?

If you would like to help us reach out in the coming year, won’t you please take a moment to look at the enclosed card? If you are able to let us know of your support in the coming year, we will take that into account as we plan. If you are new to Jews for Jesus...

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1999 Israel Tour

Many of you have asked us to provide information regarding trips to Israel. Lon Solomon will be leading his 11th tour in Israel this year. Lon is the senior pastor at McLean Bible Church and a long-time member of the Jews for Jesus Board of Directors. He is also a...

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Bits from the Branches

Eliyah Gould, leader of our South Africa work reports on his time in Southern California, While on sortie (tract passing expedition), I was encouraged to meet Sandra. She told me how she had come to faith through one of our broadsides (gospel tracts) she received at...

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