Bob Mendelsohn has real nachas (see page 3) from a couple of people whom he led to Christ on-line.…The best part is seeing how God is making them new people.

Here are bits of their conversations:

One woman (we’ll call her Ellen) says, Today I prayed to Him (I pray a lot now in the van on the way to pick up kids from school) and I actually started crying while I was praying. I’ve never done that before.”

Bob replied, “God knows right where you are, dear sister, and He is making you into His image, step by step.”

Ellen: So crying doesn’t mean anything?

Bob: It certainly does! It allows your spirit to commune with God without the words that often tangle us up…it’s cloud-free sailing for your soul to talk to God. And He’s glad for that.

Ellen: And when you say He is making me into His image…is that why I have stopped doing certain things…like cussing…trying not to gossip or to hurt people’s feelings? Trying to have more patience with my daughter.

Bob: Exactly! That’s called “sanctification” in the Bible, which means cleaning you up! And He is doing that day by day, right?

Ellen: So He’s cleaning me up to be a good Christian, so to speak? And yes, every day I cuss less and less and I’m not as angry with my daughter.

Bob: There’s no such thing as a good Christian, since we all fall short of God’s standards, but yes, He’s making you into a better person, with more love and more patience…and isn’t that great!

Ellen: Yes it is!

“Jarrod” (not his real name) stopped by a Jews for Jesus “chatroom” on-line and was so disgusted by the anti-missionaries there that he contacted Bob to tell him that he was ashamed by their behavior, but that he was open minded. This began a series of exchanges between Jarrod and Bob that culminated in Jarrod becoming born again. Bob has been “reading” Scriptures with Jarrod on-line and praying with him. During one such “visit” Bob asked Jarrod to close in prayer.

As a week-old Jewish believer, Jarrod prayed the following: “God, you have shown us a little bit of Your true nature. And it’s easy to see why we shouldn’t do wrong, but it’s impossible without You at the wheel. I just want to say thanks. I pray that You enable us to do what is right, and give us the ability to SPEAK QUIETLY…AND LISTEN LOUDLY. AMEN.”


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Bob Mendelsohn | Sydney

Branch Leader

Bob Mendelsohn is the leader of Jews for Jesus' work in Sydney, Australia. He grew up in an Orthodox Jewish family in Kansas City, but became a college drop-out when he decided to look for the meaning of life in the counterculture of the '60s. He found meaning and relevance in Jesus which caused him much trouble at home. But he says, "it was worth the cost." Bob has worked for Jews for Jesus since 1979, and served as the leader of our work in Washington DC and New York City before moving to Sydney in 1998. Bob and his wife Patty both graduated from the University of Kansas and Fuller Seminary. The Mendelsohns live in Sydney near their son. Their two daughters and two grandsons live in the US. Their son has a son and is expecting another in 2019.

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