Bob Mendelsohn has real nachas (see page 3) from a couple of people whom he led to Christ on-line.…The best part is seeing how God is making them new people.

Here are bits of their conversations:

One woman (we’ll call her Ellen) says, Today I prayed to Him (I pray a lot now in the van on the way to pick up kids from school) and I actually started crying while I was praying. I’ve never done that before.”

Bob replied, “God knows right where you are, dear sister, and He is making you into His image, step by step.”

Ellen: So crying doesn’t mean anything?

Bob: It certainly does! It allows your spirit to commune with God without the words that often tangle us up…it’s cloud-free sailing for your soul to talk to God. And He’s glad for that.

Ellen: And when you say He is making me into His image…is that why I have stopped doing certain things…like cussing…trying not to gossip or to hurt people’s feelings? Trying to have more patience with my daughter.

Bob: Exactly! That’s called “sanctification” in the Bible, which means cleaning you up! And He is doing that day by day, right?

Ellen: So He’s cleaning me up to be a good Christian, so to speak? And yes, every day I cuss less and less and I’m not as angry with my daughter.

Bob: There’s no such thing as a good Christian, since we all fall short of God’s standards, but yes, He’s making you into a better person, with more love and more patience…and isn’t that great!

Ellen: Yes it is!

“Jarrod” (not his real name) stopped by a Jews for Jesus “chatroom” on-line and was so disgusted by the anti-missionaries there that he contacted Bob to tell him that he was ashamed by their behavior, but that he was open minded. This began a series of exchanges between Jarrod and Bob that culminated in Jarrod becoming born again. Bob has been “reading” Scriptures with Jarrod on-line and praying with him. During one such “visit” Bob asked Jarrod to close in prayer.

As a week-old Jewish believer, Jarrod prayed the following: “God, you have shown us a little bit of Your true nature. And it’s easy to see why we shouldn’t do wrong, but it’s impossible without You at the wheel. I just want to say thanks. I pray that You enable us to do what is right, and give us the ability to SPEAK QUIETLY…AND LISTEN LOUDLY. AMEN.”