NACHAS is best defined as

a. Bagel chips piled high with melted cheese and salsa, as in Gimmee a large Pepsi to wash down this order of nachas” (pronounced naw chahs).

b. People who are naturally talented, especially child prodigies, as in “Her children were such nachas that they were playing in the New York Philharmonic before they were ten years old” (pronounced natches, like “matches,” only with an “n”).

c. A combination of pleasure and pride that usually relates to the accomplishments of a loved one, as in “You want nachas? Read how Daniel Goldstein gave a speech to his entire 8th grade class telling them about Jesus” on page 4 (pronounced nsh khas).

*Yiddishkeit refers to one’s understanding of and involvement with Jewish culture.

If you chose “c,” mazel tov (congratulations) on your Yiddishkeit.