Everyone has a worldview, a lens or a window through which he or she sees and interprets reality. Maybe tinted window” is a more accurate term because a worldview “colors” how people see themselves and the world around them.

For example, most of us who were born and raised in the Western world go through life assuming that the physical universe exists. Many, however, have trouble believing that the spiritual realm is just as real. But think of a practicing Hindu, born and raised in India. He or she would have no trouble accepting the reality of the nonmaterial, spiritual realm of life. The Hindu might have difficulty understanding that the physical world is not merely an illusion!

Could that mean that all our beliefs are programmed or determined by the dominant worldview of where we were born and raised? Perhaps to some degree our worldview is the product of environment and social conditioning. Nevertheless those are not the sole sources. We do have minds that can bring us to other conclusions. People need to examine their “windows” (worldviews) and see if they accurately reflect the realities they encounter. Most people are unable to order their own lives according to what they perceive as being real, true and right. Our vision of what is right is usually beyond our ability to behave righteously. So we create distorted windows that enable us to reconcile our vision to the way we want to live. But that makes us think we are able to do things we really can’t.

Rich Robinson, Jews for Jesus Research Librarian, puts it this way: “Imagine a window designed like a fun house mirror; everything you see through it becomes grossly distorted. If you peered through this particular window, everyone might appear to be three feet tall. On the basis of your perceptions, you might decide to try out for the basketball team, confident that you would make it even though you were only five feet tall. After all, wasn’t everyone else only three feet tall as you saw them through the window? But once you stepped away from that window and out into the street, you would face reality. That reality would not permit you to live as though what you saw through the window were true.” We all need a window that accurately depicts what is going on outside our own “house.”

Sadly, most people in this world are looking through windows that don’t permit much light to pass. Some, not satisfied with tinted windows, have made for themselves stained glass that they view through a mirrored tube for a kaleidoscopic effect. They seem more concerned with the appearance of their window than with what they are able to see through it. As a result, they have a window they can admire, but they lose touch with reality. These are the people who use phrases like, “I could never believe in a God who…” and then they proceed to describe their religion based on their “taste” in deity.

Reality does not change because of our likes or dislikes. Thank God, the Bible provides a worldview that reflects reality accurately. It answers the basic questions of life, and what we see through the windows of Scripture enables us to live consistently with the truth.

God gave the Scriptures to be a clear lens through which we can see His Light. Yet even Bible believing Christians can lose touch with reality if they do not care for their windows properly. A residue of self-interest may opaque the windows, or a film of “political correctness” may impede vision. Some are embarrassed by the plain simplicity of the window and try to dress it up with fancy shades or fashionable blinds.

To see clearly through the window of God’s Word, we need to ask Him periodically to remove everything that hinders our view of His truth.

For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known.

1 Corinthians 13:12


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