Net News

In New Jersey, a university student named David was curious about Jesus, so he was excited to find our home page on the internet. He read the testimonies we had posted, then asked God to show him if Jesus is real. A week later, God did. David is so excited about his new faith that he has posted Jews for Jesus” signs all around his school—with his phone number in case anyone is curious, like he was. Our internet home page address is at the bottom of page 2.

Chalk It Up to Jesus

Our staff is always looking for new ways to make an impression for Jesus on the U.C. Berkeley campus. Whereas we’ve put up posters in the past, “chalking” is a more current way to communicate. We figured it would also appeal to the ecologically minded students (many of whom see our tracts and tell missionaries “save a tree”). Our fearsome foursome arrived at the university by the dawn’s early light and colorized the campus. They had great fun, and the following day when Robyn Wilk returned to hand out tracts, she was delighted when a student asked, “Aren’t you the ones who chalked your message all over campus?” “Yes,” she replied, “that was us.” The student gave her a look of disgust and said, “Why don’t you just put up posters like everyone else?” Robyn says, “See, you just can’t win with people…but you can win with God!” Please continue praying for the Berkeley campus.

A Very Good Neighbor

Mary, a Christian friend in San Francisco, asked if someone from Jews for Jesus would come to her apartment to visit with some of her Russian Jewish neighbors. Missionary David Mishkin went a few times and was well received by an older woman named Pessie (the first person he’s ever met besides his own grandmother who has that name). On a recent visit, Pessie emphatically proclaimed her Jewishness but just as naturally proclaimed her belief that Jesus is the Messiah. She prayed with David, asking Jesus to be her Messiah and Savior!

The Value of Visibility

In New York, Missionary Mitch Forman was headed for a first-time visit with a Jewish woman named Pam. The directions she’d given were somewhat confusing, so Mitch decided to drive to a phone booth to call her. He was stopped at a red light and the person behind him kept beeping her horn—until finally she pulled up beside our Jews for Jesus van. Mitch rolled down his window, and the woman asked, “Are you Mitch Forman?” She then introduced herself as Pam and apologized that she was running late. However, if she hadn’t been “late” and if she hadn’t seen our van, Mitch would have called her home, and with no answer, he and Pam would have missed one another. Mitch says, “Driving a moving billboard comes in very handy, but this is the first time it’s prevented me from missing a visit!”

Persistence Pays

A Christian friend called our Washington, D.C., office to ask us to contact her Jewish friend, Jay. Our Chief of Station, Bob Mendelsohn, received the message on a Friday afternoon and called Jay to invite him to the weekly Bible study being held that very night. Jay didn’t return the phone call, the fax or the beeper page over the next several days. Finally he did call back and after some “phone tag” with Bob, the two set up an appointment. When they met, Jay’s first question was, “What was the Messiah supposed to do anyway?” After seeing it for himself in the biblical prophecies, Jay trusted Jesus as his Messiah. He is meeting with Bob for regular discipleship lessons.

Believers’ Reunion

Karol Joseph, our Chief of Station in Toronto, was on a witnessing campaign in Montreal two summers ago. There she met and prayed with a Jewish woman named Connie. Another Jewish believer in Montreal followed up with discipleship lessons after Karol returned to Toronto. A year later, Connie moved and did not leave a forwarding address, which really concerned Karol. A year after that, Karol returned to Montreal and attended a fellowship meeting of Jewish believers in Jesus. There was Connie. Karol was overjoyed! As introductions were made, people gave their names, where they were born and how long they have known Jesus. When it was Connie’s turn, she said, “I’m Connie, I was born in Montreal, and born again when I met this (pointing to Karol) lovely lady two years ago!” Imagine when we get to heaven and are reunited with countless “long lost” (but really found) believers we have known!