January 1996 Newsletter (5756:5)

Should Your Church Invite the Rabbi?
January 1, 1996
Author: Moishe Rosen

As I drove the rental car to Reading, Pennsylvania, I enjoyed the beauty of autumn leaves reddening, yellowing and surrendering their green. I spoke at First Presbyterian Church. I was impressed greatly by the fervor for missions and commitment to the Lord there. Their life in Christ was positively vibrant. They publicized the meeting very…

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It Began With a Breakfast

Stephen Katz, our San Francisco Chief of Station, was pleased when a certain church invited him to address the men’s breakfast. The pastor asked him to speak about Jewish evangelism, and that’s always encouraging to a Jews for Jesus missionary. The men were attentive and responsive. They had some lively conversation, and at one point…

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Expanding Our Horizons
Author: Rob Wertheim

I’ve believed in Yeshua for twenty years. In that time, I’ve seen the Jews for Jesus Los Angeles office grow from Baruch Goldstein’s garage in Santa Monica (1975) to a two-story Westwood office building across the street from U.C.L.A. (1995). If you detect a connection between my two decades as a believer and the development…

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Israel Tour

Many ask if Jews for Jesus leads tours to Israel. Because we focus entirely on evangelism we shouldn’t offer such tours. Yet we understand how important such an experience can be to one’s spiritual life and understanding of the Bible, so we recommend a tour that is in keeping with Jews for Jesus’ commitment to…

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Pastor Decides to See for Himself

Office worker Trysch Koester was calling churches to schedule meetings for our missionaries in Florida. She spoke to Pastor Rucker of Christ Community Church in Pompano Beach. Pastor Rucker had learned of Jews for Jesus in 1974. He had read the book, Jews for Jesus, outlining how our ministry began at the tail end of…

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Do Your Windows Need Wiping?

Everyone has a worldview, a lens or a window through which he or she sees and interprets reality. Maybe tinted window” is a more accurate term because a worldview “colors” how people see themselves and the world around them. For example, most of us who were born and raised in the Western world go through…

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Bits from the Branches

Net News In New Jersey, a university student named David was curious about Jesus, so he was excited to find our home page on the internet. He read the testimonies we had posted, then asked God to show him if Jesus is real. A week later, God did. David is so excited about his new…

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