January 1990 Newsletter (5750:3)

Earthshaking Opportunities: Opportunities Out of Tragedy
January 1, 1990

The earth shook and rippled with a frightening force. High-rise buildings swayed and people trembled. October 17, the day the earthquake struck San Francisco, is a time all who were here will long remember. When the earthquake struck at 5:04, I was at Candlestick Park with other Jews for Jesus staff and volunteers handing out…

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If You Like to Write Letters, You Can Help Us!

From time to time, Jewish religious leaders who have felt threatened by the bold effectiveness of our gospel message have accused Jews for Jesus of propaganda tactics.” Some of them have devised certain phrases designed to serve as red flags to both the Jewish and Christian public. The catch phrases, like “deceptive practices,” and “cult-like…

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Still Cousins
Author: Moishe Rosen

Recently I had the strangest experience, and suddenly I feel a degree of personal fulfillment in this ministry I have not felt for a long time. Most of our ministry friends know about the personalized letter of witness that we send to Jewish people whose names are given to us by those who are already…

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Topics: praise
Author: Ruth Rosen

  Preparing to Praise If you ever tried to paint a house without washing the walls, scraping off the old, peeling paint and repairing the cracks, you probably learned the hard way that preparation is nine-tenths of the job.” Maybe you’ve never painted a house, but you learned that adage in the context of putting…

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Of Fish and Men
Topics: christmas
Author: Fred Wertheim
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What’s Wrong With Being Nice?
Author: Moishe Rosen

I heard them at a conference for missionaries. They were not comfortable with that word because, as they patiently explained it, Jewish people see missionaries as those who are trying to convert them. They chortled on and on about their witness and how they showed love to everyone. Then, positioning the capstone of evidence to…

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Charitable Gift Annuities Announcement

Are you interested in annuities, particularly gift annuities? Jews for Jesus has just been given authorization to receive transfers of property conditioned upon agreement to pay an annuity. We now welcome inquiries from those who are interested in participating in such a program. Write to: Director of Development Jews for Jesus 60 Haight Street San…

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Earthshaking Opportunities: First the World Series, Then…

In Jews for Jesus we are always looking for opportunities to share the gospel. In Bible days the Apostles used to go to the marketplace to preach at times when they knew great crowds of people would be there. At Jews for Jesus we try to follow their example. And what better place for crowds…

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