God parted the Red Sea. Exodus 14:16 Moses had to hold out his rod for the water to divide.
God provided manna for food. Exodus 16:4 The Israelites had to gather it.
God provided water. Exodus 17:6 Moses had to strike the rock.
God flattened the walls of Jericho. Joshua 6:1-20 The Israelites had to march around the city 13 times.
God provided a widow with a constant supply of flour and oil during a drought. I Kings 17:13 First, she had to use up the last of her supplies as an act of faith.
God provided oil for a woman who needed it for her livelihood. II Kings 4:1-7 She had to collect many containers in faith that God would fill them.
God healed Naaman of leprosy. II Kings 5:14 Naaman had to dip in the Jordan seven times.
Jesus healed a withered hand. Matthew 12:10-13 The man had to stretch out his hand before it became whole.
Jesus healed 10 lepers. Luke 17:12 They were to go and show themselves to the priests and, as they went, they were healed.
Jesus healed a blind man by putting clay on his eyes. John 9:6-7 The man had to go to the pool of Siloam and wash it off.