Sometimes when I’m out on the streets handing out our gospel pamphlets, I look at the people and imitate their facial expressions. A good way to get the attention of an apathetic person is to make eye contact and then imitate his or her face. It’s great fun, and people are usually willing to talk with me when they realize I have a personality.

When a proud-looking businessman in a fancy suit comes by, I imitate his straight stare. The next businessman gets the same imitation. The third businessman can’t take it. He grins and takes my broadside.

Next, I try the smile. As each person approaches, I smile—big! The person can’t help but take a broadside and usually smiles back!

Then there is the person who vigorously shakes his head no. For this individual, I shake my head back vigorously. (If he’s smiling, I shake my head and smile at the same time.) This kind usually will take the tract to get me to stop shaking my head.

Then there is the waver, who waves to indicate that he does not want my tract. What do I do? I wave back!

When I get a dirty look, I imitate the dirty look. As the person turns, looking disgusted, I smile and wave.

I reserve the REALLY BIG SMILE for an individual who is very angry and making all sorts of nasty remarks that I don’t want to respond to. I just look at the individual and stare and smile really big—the kind of smile a clown would give to another clown.

If you are wondering, does this have anything to do with Jewish evangelism, by all means, yes! In many instances the most uninterested individuals have stopped to talk to me after experiencing one of my many faces,” and I’ve told them about Messiah and gotten their names for further follow-up.

Who says that evangelism shouldn’t be fun!


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