January 1989 Newsletter (5749:3)

January 1, 1989
Author: Moishe Rosen

If you’re old enough to remember the Saturday Evening Post as a weekly publication, you probably remember the young men who solicited door-to-door for magazine subscriptions. One of my friends had three copies of the Saturday Evening Post delivered to his home...

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Fertile Soil
Author: Cara Schuman

We Jews for Jesus are grateful for believers who share our burden for Jewish evangelism. One such friend, who worked in a crisis center, called our Chicago office about Carol,” a young Jewish woman who wanted to know about Jesus. Eagerly I called Carol that...

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Our Missionary of the Month

Meet Jo Ann Farris, one of the newer missionaries now serving with our San Francisco Branch. Besides her other talents, Jo Ann is an accomplished figure skater. She stands about five feet tall in very high heels or skates, and confesses to being 4’10 in stocking...

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A Day in the Life of a Missionary in Training
Author: Joann Farris

Although I’m Jewish and a believer in Jesus, that didn’t mean I automatically knew how to witness to my people. Jews for Jesus has a terrific missionary training program, and here’s how I learned. I was assigned to an experienced missionary, Susan...

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Many Faces
Author: Joann Farris

Sometimes when I’m out on the streets handing out our gospel pamphlets, I look at the people and imitate their facial expressions. A good way to get the attention of an apathetic person is to make eye contact and then imitate his or her face. It’s great...

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Visit the Holy Land

Over the years many have asked us to host a tour to Israel. If you are one of those people, NOW is the time to act! Two members of our Jews for Jesus Board of Directors, Pastors Lon Solomon and Warwick Cooper, have agreed to co-host a tour of the Holy Land in November...

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Bible Twisting?
Author: Joshua Moss

Jews for Jesus often encounters accusations from the Jewish community. Aside from the favorite argument that we are no longer Jews, they say that in our attempts to prove that Jesus is the Messiah, we twist the meaning of passages from the Tanach, the Hebrew Bible. It...

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You and Your House
Topics: christmas

I used to be the Art Director at Jews for Jesus’ San Francisco Headquarters, but the Lord called me to full-time missionary staff. January 1989 marks the completion of my first year as a missionary in the New York Branch of Jews for Jesus. Two of the women I led...

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