January 1987 Newsletter (5747:3)

The Trouble You Need
January 1, 1987
Author: Moishe Rosen

I have a New Year’s greeting for all my friends—one I know they will not receive from anyone else: In this coming year may you have as much joy, prosperity and happiness as you can contain, and may you have only enough trouble to produce in you the quality of...

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Also to the Muslim
Author: Murray Tilles

Spending as many hours as we do in Jews for Jesus distributing literature and proclaiming the gospel, we are afforded many opportunities to talk to people about Jesus. When we are out on the streets, we never know whom the Lord is going to bring across our paths. Most...

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I Knew Just How She Felt

After one of our Liberated Wailing Wall presentations at a church in Vancouver, B.C., a woman approached me at the sales table. Can you come and talk to my friend? She needs to talk to you,” she said. I saw her friend standing behind her. She looked as though...

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The Jewishness of the New Testament
Author: Avi Brickner

Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein was curious when he saw one of the teachers in his school reading a small book printed in German. When he asked about it the teacher handed it to him. Casually Rabbi Lichtenstein leafed through the pages until his gaze fell upon the name Jesus...

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The Competition
Author: Gina Moss

I first saw Stoney Burke at the University of California Berkeley campus where I was handing out broadside tracts. He had drawn a large standing crowd. About 150 students had circled around him, while about 50 more stood on the nearby steps, all straining to see this...

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The Most Frequent Questions In Jewish Evangelism

QUESTION: Exactly what is Jews for Jesus? ANSWER: Strictly speaking, Jews for Jesus is an organization of some 100 workers who are involved in communicating the message to the Jewish community that Jesus—or to use his Hebrew name, Yeshua—is the Messiah of Israel....

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Mortage Interest
Author: Dan Strull

Michael is a Jewish man from the Chicago area. Several years ago he sold his apartment to a couple who were Jewish believers in Jesus. Since Michael had financed the apartment for this couple, they sent their mortgage payments directly to him each month. Printed on...

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