January 1986 Newsletter (5746:3)

Fear Vs. Concern
January 1, 1986
Author: Moishe Rosen

During the dark days of World War II the free world was on the edge of panic. Hitler seemed invincible. Through the blitzkrieg technique, he amassed victory after victory until his vaunted might seemed a fact instead of a mere boast The blitzkrieg worked—not because the German bombers carried such a great load of potential […]

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How A Bumper Sticker Made Me Available
Author: Keith Halberg

I was enjoying a quiet evening at the dinner table with my family when the doorbell rang. We were expecting a friend to stop by, but the person at the door was not our expected visitor. Instead, there stood a lady we didn’t know. She was visibly upset. Tearfully she related a deeply painful story, […]

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Just Another Typical Day

It was just another typical day. I had arrived at the Jews for Jesus office in Manhattan early, intending to do some administrative work before beginning my day’s visits with Jewish people. Before I could start, the telephone rang. I looked at it quizzically, feeling that I ought to answer it. Immediately I reached over […]

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Our Missionary of the Month

Imagine a Jewish Christian staging a dramatized discussion about Jesus with a fellow believer in a public place—just so eavesdroppers would have an opportunity to hear the gospel! That’s Lori Baron, one of the spunky new missionaries working at our Los Angeles branch. When we asked Lori what she would be doing if she had […]

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He Knew God Cared
Author: Lori Baron

Excuse me, could you please tell me what this is all about?” said a voice. I turned around, a bit startled by the sincerity of the man’s remark. I had just come onto the Jews for Jesus staff in Los Angeles after working in the New York Summer Witnessing Campaign. After those four weeks on […]

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You Know You’re Not Spiritual When…

You’re asked to pray in church and you begin with, Now I lay me down to sleep…” Your idea of a Bible study is a room full of bookcases with various versions of the Bible on each shelf. You think that a tract is a plot of land for building a house. You think that […]

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We’re Glad You Asked…

QUESTION: Would it be possible sometime to explain in the Newsletter how Isaiah 53 is interpreted by Jews who are nonbelievers in Jesus? Is that chapter included in the Hebrew Scriptures? Is it read in the synagogue? Is it discussed in Hebrew school? ANSWER: Isaiah 53 is definitely included in the Hebrew Scriptures. Jewish religious […]

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The Marvelous Minority

The 13th and 14th chapters of Numbers describe the Jewish people coming to the border of the Promised Land. God commanded Moses to send out 12 spies, each a leader of his respective tribe, and in Numbers 13:17-20 Moses briefed them, saying: Get you up this way into the Negev, and go up into the […]

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