Richard Harvey, interim leader of our UK work, reports from London, “I was in Berlin for our most recent meeting of the Jews for Jesus European Board of Directors when I had quite an encounter in a taxi. As I was chatting with the driver, who was from Turkey, I meant to say, ‘Danke Schön’ (‘thank you’ in German), but instead I said it in Hebrew –‘Todah rabbah.’ The taxi driver, whom I had assumed was a Muslim, immediately responded, ‘Why did you speak to me in Hebrew? How did you know I am Jewish?’ He pulled out his wallet and showed me a card depicting the Israeli flag.

“I would never have expected to meet a Turkish Jewish taxi driver in Berlin, but there he was! We chatted about his family background, his preparation for his son’s upcoming bar mitzvah, and what it was like to be Turkish and Jewish in Berlin. We also talked about a famous false messiah, Shabbetai Zvi, who ended up in Turkey, and how we could know if Yeshua (Jesus) is the true Messiah.

“He asked me many questions about Yeshua and His first Jewish disciples, and we exchanged contact details. Do pray for my new friend Osment – that he will come to know the Messiah of Israel.”

* Names are changed to protect privacy.

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