Shabbat board game leads to gospel conversation

Shabbat board game leads to gospel conversation

Kata Tar reports from Budapest, “I met Lilla 10 years ago at the Jewish school where we worked. While Lilla was not interested in her Jewish roots, nor the Bible, she was always very keen to talk with me, even though every conversation we had led to Yeshua.

“Recently she asked me to help her family celebrate Shabbat. What an honor! Of course, she knew that the main focus of my Shabbat teaching would be Yeshua.

“I wanted it to be a fun, family time, so I created a board game. The object was to reach Shabbat rest with lots of tasks and questions on the way. For example: Why do we light candles? Why do we salt the challah? What did Yeshua do on Shabbat that angered religious leaders?

“Lilla, with her husband and children, was excited to read the questions. Most of the time they did not know the answer and we had some good laughs over their creative answers. Lilla was stunned as she found the last card, ‘What work did Yeshua complete before Shabbat?’ ‘The work of redemption?’ she asked in a hushed voice. ‘Yes,’ I answered. ‘As the Father rested after finishing His work of creation, so Jesus sat down at the Father’s right hand after completing the work of redemption.’ Please pray for Lilla and her family to experience that redemption and the rest that follows!”

Names are changed to protect privacy

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