February 2019 Newsletter (5779:5)

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She forbade us to visit but God answered prayer!
January 22, 2019

This story from Dnepr, Ukraine, tells you exactly why you should not be discouraged if your efforts to share the good news (with Jewish people or anyone else) are flatly rejected.

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Dog-lovers: canine companions can help you share Jesus!
Author: Ruth Rosen

Dogs are wonderful gifts from God, but they also can open doors to sharing an even greater gift – the gospel! Find out how a mutual appreciation for dogs can help you tell a friend (or even a stranger) about God.

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Shabbat board game leads to gospel conversation

This Shabbat celebration was extraordinarily creative and a opened up a great conversation about the gospel. What a window into ministry in Budapest!

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Christians’ responses to anti-Semitism: the worst and the best
January 18, 2019

Entire Christian denominations have abandoned God’s call to share the good news with Jewish people. They may believe they are fighting anti-Semitism but could it be that they are unintentionally promoting a subtler form of it?

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