In Chicago, new seasonal literature, a new way to engage…

From Jeremiah Zaretsky: Before winter break, I went with David Randle, Hannah Shapiro and Simone Parkas to Northwestern University to hand out our new postcards for Hanukkah. We also had a chalkboard with a question, “Which came first, Christmas or Hanukkah?” We offered Hanukkah gift bags to anyone who stopped to engage with us.

I spoke with a Jewish man named Joel* who is married to a Japanese woman and doesn’t attend synagogue any longer. He wasn’t ready to give me his contact info but he took one of my business cards. Please pray for seeds planted.

In Los Angeles, new partners to pray for and stand with us…


From Isaac Brickner: We’re excited about our partnership with a local team from YWAM (Youth With A Mission). This specific team is currently dedicated to intercessory prayer for the Jewish people! They have been blessing us by volunteering at our Thursday UCLA outreaches, and having times of prayer for the campus. This is an awesome thing the Lord is doing! It is such a joy to serve alongside our brothers and sisters, and to witness their passion for the salvation of Israel.

One Thursday, two religious Jewish women approached me. They were canvasing the campus to find Jewish students to invite to their club’s Shabbat dinner. They saw the large Jewish star on the front of my T-shirt and said, “You look like a nice Jewish boy!” I smiled and explain that I work for Jews for Jesus. Dafna* and Liz* both listened as I shared part of my story, and after our conversation, they still invited me to their dinner! Praise God!

I believe we’re starting to see a shift in the openness of students on this campus. We’re praying for God to give us wisdom about the best ways to engage with the students. I hope you’ll pray with us!

In some ways, the more things change, the more they stay the same…

Check out this excerpt from a 1985 Jews for Jesus newsletter article.

“You’ve got to be kidding!” was Richard’s opening statement as I handed out broadsides at the University of Florida in Gainesville. He was ready with a whole set of arguments about why Jesus could not possibly be the Messiah. Not one of Richard’s arguments was based on the Bible. They were all based on learned prejudices and biases.

When I challenged Richard with what the Scriptures say about Jesus, he admitted that he really did not know enough of either the Old or the New Testament to discuss the issue of Jesus from that basis. He agreed to receive our Yeshua book and some more literature about Jesus and why we believe that He is the Messiah.

I have had so many conversations like that one. They all serve to remind me that the issue of whether or not Jesus is the Messiah is not a theological question to most Jewish people. Instead, it is a very emotional issue. Pray that the Holy Spirit would send His healing “laser” of light into the minds and hearts of those who are blind to the truth, especially the student population of this country who will soon become the leaders of their communities and of this nation.

* not their real names

** Read the entire article