Purim is early this year! This “minor” but very fun Jewish holiday begins at sundown on February 23.  Find out how much you know about Purim:

  1. Hegai, a less known character of the story, was:
    1. a person of strong philosophical leanings; his descendants eventually produced a guy who greatly influenced Karl Marx.
    2. a person of interesting culinary taste; his descendants eventually produced Scotland’s national dish of sheep heart, liver and lungs all stuffed into sausage casing with onions and spices.
    3. a eunuch who was in charge of beauty treatments for participants in Persia’s royal pageant—and gave his favorite candidate an edge with extra beauty preparations and advice.
  2. Haman, a more prominent character of the story, hated Jews because:
    1. he was never invited to a bar mitzvah.
    2. his mother force-fed him chopped liver, which she learned to make from the Yiddishe mama (Jewish mother) down the street.
    3. a particular Jew named Mordechai refused to bow down to him (Haman) as doing so was “against his religion.”
  3. When Haman plotted to kill all the Jews in the kingdom, he did not know that the King owed Mordecai big time, since Mordecai had saved his:
    1. place in line, so that he didn’t have to wait for hours to purchase the newest version of the iRunner
    2. money, by depositing it in the only bank in Persia that didn’t go bust when the Persian economy plummeted.
    3. life, by exposing a plot to kill the king.
  4. David Brickner once wrote a newsletter article about Purim and how it’s a great example of how God often uses ______ to show His power.
    1. beauty contests
    2. clueless kings
    3. circumstances and seeming coincidences
  5. In contemporary times, many Jewish periodicals feature strange and unbelievable articles for Purim that treat the holiday as the Jewish equivalent of:
    1. Valentine’s Day
    2. Presidents’ Day
    3. April Fool’s Day

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