Do you have a passion to see Jewish people know the Messiah? Do you love what we do and wish you could jump in to help?

Maybe you can join our team by becoming a Co-Laborer in Messiah (CLIM). CLIMs represent Jews for Jesus in their own communities, often hosting our missionaries as they come through. Some CLIMs travel locally or overseas to help with our evangelistic campaigns.

Listen to what some of our CLIMs say:

From Kathy Perrich, Columbia South Carolina:

“I love my relationships with Jews for Jesus staff members. Melanie Rose (office admin in our Chicago branch) and I work on shopping lists for the Chicago Moody Summer Campaign training several months in advance.Alan Bond (Chicago branch leader) and I make several trips schlepping stuff up to the classroom and dorm. Andrew Barron (Toronto branch and campaign training leader) depends on my organizational skills and excellent restaurant choices!”

From Rick and Debbie Banhart, Overland Park, Kansas:

“We love the opportunities to use our gifts for the Lord and the support and encouragement we receive to do so. When in London last summer during the Olympics campaign, our team was amazing. We were truly family, although we had only known each other for a week or two. I still smile when I think about Michael Sischy (South Africa branch leader) teaching and encouraging us with hysterical humor, but speaking to each one of us in a special way!”

From Ron Mcdevitt, Cape Canaveral, Florida:

“I recently did an outreach with Larry, a relatively new Jewish believer whom I led to the Lord. A Gentile man came up to us and said he had seen the Jews for Jesus sign in front of my office and wanted to know more. We shared the gospel with him and he was gloriously saved!

“On a recent Saturday, I phoned Eli, a Jewish man I have known for two years. He’d had back surgery and I wanted to know how he was doing. In fact, he had just been trying to call me! He was in a lot of pain but said he’d welcome a visit. When I arrived, Eli’s wife—who never comes out of the bedroom when I am there (because I believe in Jesus)—came out and was very friendly. I was able to share the gospel with them, and answer many questions. They seemed very open and said they would read the materials I left them as well as Isaiah 53. Please pray for Eli and Miriam to be saved.”

CLIMs need only volunteer for ten hours per month, and you can choose from a variety of tasks tailored to suit your gifts and preferences. However, CLIMs do make an initial time investment of one week for training—but it’s a great time to get to know the other CLIMs and some of our most experienced staff.

If you are interested in an applying for this program, please Email or write to:

Carolyne Rohrig
CLIM Coordinator

Visit our website for more information.


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