Los Angeles

Tuvya Zaretsky reports:

“Sheldon doesn’t know Jesus, but he attends our Men’s Fellowship BBQ each month. Recently he brought another Jewish friend, also not a believer, to the fellowship (maybe to give support for his unbelief). Anyway, the Jewish friend, Howard, made a profession of faith at the meeting as Cyril Gordon led him in prayer. Cyril will begin discipleship of Howard this week.”


Igor Shelest reports:

“During the Berlin campaign last summer, I met Aaron, a 25-year-old Jewish man who gave me his cell phone number and email address. He was not so open at the time, but recently he sent a message to our branch address saying that he wanted to meet with me. I don’t live in Berlin, but I sent him a message saying that we would meet when I visited Berlin.”

“When we met, I discovered that he was a not-very-religious Jewish man and a quite well-known artist among gallery workers. About five minutes into the visit, he explained why he had been so eager to meet with me. He has a Jewish friend, Dima, who has begun behaving strangely and Aaron was hoping I would meet with him. Somehow, he recognized that my faith might be a help in the situation. Two days later, Dima, Aaron, Dima’s mother and I met. Thus, one contact received in Berlin gave me the opportunity to minister to two other Jewish people! Please pray that God will turn their hearts to Him.”


Larissa Savelieva reports:

“As Gena and I were going to visit some of our contacts, we found ourselves near a Lutheran church. The lights shone brightly from within, the door was open, and we heard beautiful music. We were drawn to listen outside the door for a few minutes, and a man with a camera also stood nearby. My attention was attracted by an inscription at the entrance; I saw “Peace to you” written in Hebrew lettering. Since the man with the camera was also looking at the inscription, I asked, ‘Are you Jewish? Can you also read this?’ Gregory replied in a typical Moscow accent, ‘Yes, I’m Jewish, but I don’t know Hebrew.’ ‘Ah, so you’re from Moscow,’ I observed. ‘Yes, that’s true,’ he replied. ‘I left Moscow fifteen years ago, and this is the first time I have been back to the former Soviet Union. My friend is a theologian, and he sings in this choir. He asked if I would like to travel with the choir, and I thought it would be interesting.'”

“I welcomed Gregory to Odessa, and explained that we are Jews for Jesus. Gregory in turn said that he was agnostic, but he listened as Gena and I witnessed to him. Our exchange ended with him giving us his e-mail address. He lives in Germany and though he said that he’s very busy, he wants to receive literature from Jews for Jesus. Please pray for Gregory’s salvation.”


Oded Cohen reports:

“Ari* is an Israeli who lived in America for many years (like I did) where he was befriended by a pastor who faithfully shared Jesus with him. When Ari moved to Israel last year, this pastor/friend referred him to us. Ari was happy to get together, but did not even want to admit that God exists. Recently Ari has been facing many trials, including health issues, and was depressed. I kept encouraging him to seek God, and to ask God to reveal himself.

“Out of desperation, Ari told God, ‘Okay, God, I will stop fighting with you. I will stop cursing you. Let it be your way now. Whatever you want.’ Within half an hour, he received a much-appreciated phone call from the doctor’s office, letting him know that they suddenly had an available appointment within a couple of weeks. Just the previous day they had told him it would be a three-month wait to see the doctor. After this and other signs that God was answering his prayers, Ari’s heart and countenance have become hopeful. He senses that God is real and cares about his life. As a result, Ari is all the more eager to study the Scriptures with me. He said that he knows that God is watching over him. Please pray for him to come to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus.”

* not his real name