Editor’s note: At the time of this writing, the manuscript is under consideration by a Christian publishing house but we hope you will keep praying that if this is not the right door” God will guide us in the direction we should go.

From Moishe’s high school days…

“When I was with Ceil, I would wonder out-loud about things, and she often had ideas to contribute. We sometimes talked about what lay beyond the stars and whether there was life on other planets, just speculating on what might be.”

Though Ceil was shy and somewhat reserved, she chose choral performance classes and sought out extracurricular activities that put her in touch with school life. Unlike Moishe, who didn’t care much for sports, she appreciated the social aspects of attending their school’s sporting events. She was thrilled when she got accepted into the Valkyries, North High School’s somewhat elite all-girl pep club. The uniformed team marched in holiday parades and performed half-time drills complete with purple and gold shakers at all of the school’s football games.

Despite Moishe’s disinterest in sports, he was more than willing to sit through a football game if it meant being with his girlfriend. One time, it proved more of a sacrifice than either of them had anticipated. As they walked away from the stadium after the game, someone reached out of a car window and grabbed Ceil’s purple and gold shaker. Moishe reached through the window, grabbed the guy’s arm and twisted it until he dropped the shaker. Before he knew it, three guys jumped out of the car; two of them held his arms while the third proceeded to use him as a punching bag.

One of the punches knocked Moishe to the ground. Satisfied that they had “won,” the guys jumped back into their car, but before they could drive off, the infuriated Ceil—who was only five foot one but pumped full of adrenaline—snatched her shaker off the ground and used the stick end to strike the car’s windshield with all her might. Whether or not Ceil succeeded in cracking the glass remained a matter of dispute (Moishe later thought that she had, but she was not so sure), but it became immediately apparent at the hospital that someone’s fist had broken Moishe’s nose. And it was the last time Moishe and Ceil ever attended a football game!

They took long walks by the lake, or went rowing as they had done on their first date. Sometimes he invited her on a family outing and they’d all pile into his father’s big Buick on a trip to the mountains or a picnic in the park.

Within less than a year, the couple had decided they were in love. And one day, when they were sixteen, Moishe asked Ceil, somewhat casually, “You wouldn’t be interested in someday marrying a guy like me, would you?” She was surprised, because they were still in high school—but it did seem to be a logical conclusion to the relationship. So after a moment’s reflection she replied, “Yeah, probably I would.”

While it was not an official engagement, they both considered that some kind of proposal had been made and accepted, and from then on the couple took it for granted that one day they would marry.